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Building Relationships That Benefit the End User

Building Relationships That Benefit the End User

Posted: 4/25/18 2:31 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

This past week, Concordance Healthcare Solutions held its 3rd Annual Corporate Sales Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. Striving to be the most efficient, productive and engaging distributor event in the industry, they focus on building relationships by bringing key suppliers together with their entire sales force in a unique and mutually beneficial way. They also facilitate training sessions, open discussions and departmental breakouts that improve the cohesiveness and effectiveness of their internal support and operational teams.

With the Suppliers

Spending a dedicated day and a half with Concordance sales professionals, their suppliers demonstrate products, tackle issues, strengthen relationships and gain a better understanding of how they can build relationships that bring the best products to the healthcare industry. Over 3,500 one-on-one meetings take place between key suppliers and Concordance sales personnel representing every market across the care continuum. Each of these meetings have one common goal - to bring more value and innovation to their mutual customers and the end user.

With the Concordance Team

More than 200 Concordance employees from across the country traveled to St. Louis to attend this year’s event. While the sales professionals met with suppliers, Concordance offered separate breakout sessions for Procurement, Contracting, Customer Relations and Operations personnel. These sessions allowed the leadership from these departments to dig deep into their current methods and discuss best practices, policies and procedures that will drive efficiency throughout all of Concordance. 

Training sessions were also facilitated that brought all support and sales departments together to learn more about Concordance systems, services and processes, helping to ensure a consistent level of service and dedication across the country.

In addition, Concordance worked with the Water Works Program during their team building activity to construct water filtration systems that will provide clean drinking water to affected areas in Africa.

The week’s festivities were marked with a sendoff by motivational speaker Marcus Engel. Engel empowers healthcare professionals to improve their patient care by speaking from experience, blending personal narratives with evidence-based research to put an unforgettable name and face to the patient experience.

What It All Means

Throughout the week-long event, attendees were asked the question, What does the Concordance Corporate Sales Meeting mean to you, our suppliers and our end customers?”

Here’s what attendees had to say:

Todd R. Howell – Chief Financial Officer; Tiffin, Ohio

“It is a valuable opportunity to network with existing relationships, develop new ones and get the team working together as one.”


“The Concordance meeting is very special and this year’s event, just like last year’s event, was one for the ages of our industry.  It's all about the people and the Concordance team, so much kindness and so much passion for life and for their company and for the customer.”

Doreen Nersesian – Executive Vice President, Human Resources; Earth City, Missouri

“Our meeting was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to come together and continue to build as a team. The networking and camaraderie displayed is something to be relished as we continue to grow as an organization.”


“I can’t think of anything they could do to make this meeting more beneficial, it’s very well organized. There were great networking opportunities throughout the week and the meeting space was easy to navigate.”

Jonathan Kaplan– Account Manager; New Rochelle, New York

“As sales people, it’s incredibly informative and expansive in getting a sense of the products and gaining knowledge to pass on to the end user. The whole experience is full of positive energy with everyone in the company in one place.”


“Concordance Corporate Sales Meeting is awesome and above average. The meeting format is greatly beneficial.  The networking welcome mixer and Supplier Appreciation Night were enjoyable events.”

Dave Myers – EVP & Chief Customer Officer; Tiffin, Ohio

“This meeting is all about building deeper relationships with our industry partners and our team members. It’s filled with learning, enjoyable networking events and builds excitement for the future. It provides a forward momentum and a sense of direction to help us accomplish our objectives for the year.”


“The round robin format was very beneficial, I was impressed by the Concordance team’s energy and engagement.”

Sonya Kimmet – Director, Supply Chain Services; Boise, Idaho

“The value comes from the relationships. It’s about creating relationships with our supplier partners to better serve the end customer. We are constantly working with suppliers each week and it’s amazing to see them in person and thank them for their hard work.”

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is a customer-focused, agile, independent distributor dedicated to working hand-in-hand with its suppliers. Contact us here to learn more about how we can focus on your unique supply chain management needs.

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