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How to Live Positively During a Not-So-Positive Time

How to Live Positively During a Not-So-Positive Time

Posted: 3/30/20 2:00 PM    Author: Caitlin Jelks- Marketing Manager

There’s no denying the overwhelming, negative aura glooming over the United States and the whole world currently. COVID-19 has quickly become a concerning conversation topic, utterly worrying even the most optimistic of us. While it is important and vital for us to take the precautions and the reality of the Coronavirus very seriously, it is also essential to try to focus on the positive things during this trying time.

According to this Forbes article, there are nine ways to live positively during the craziness of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Limit your intake. Choose a single news channel to be your “go-to” source and limit how much time you spend viewing the information.
  2. Look to the past. Many of us have encountered unforeseen and unfortunate life events.  Remind yourself of this and of your resilience on a regular basis.
  3. Watch a funny video. Thanks to social media and YouTube, it is easy to find a humorous video to take your mind off of current events.
  4. Look after your neighbors. You may be at low risk of severe consequences from the virus, but it may not be the same for your neighbors whose immune systems are compromised. The act of checking in on them (keeping six feet apart, of course) will not only make them feel good, it will make you feel good and remind you that there are others for whom this predicament is even more stressful.

    Concordance employee, Kevin Davis says, “It has been nice to see our neighbors and community come together. I see some of the younger people within our neighborhood/ community offering to pick up groceries, run errands, etc., for the elderly. Nice gestures go a long way during times like this and can be very inspiring.”
  1. Support your favorite local business. Buy a gift card and prepay for a wonderful meal you can have to celebrate when this pandemic is behind us.
  2. Send gifts in the mail. Unexpected notes and treats can be a huge pick-me-up-in times of stress. This is especially valuable to the elderly who are living in nursing homes. Many facilities have closed their doors to all visitors, making residents feel even more isolated and vulnerable.

    Concordance employee, Sonya Kimmett says, “I’m working from home as my kids are out of school for a few weeks. We are making cards for the elderly who aren’t leaving their homes at this time. Hopefully, they bring a smile when they are received!”
  1. Take advantage of found time. If your company has implemented a work-from-home policy, how will you use the time you previously spent on commuting?
  2. Practice random acts of kindness. Your kindness doesn’t require you to spend money, or even leave your couch. You can: comment on a colleague’s LinkedIn post, send a snail-mail note of appreciation to a friend or colleague, thank the custodians in your building or workplace for their efforts to keep things safe, thank a healthcare worker and most importantly, think of those who could benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity. Then do. 

    Concordance employee, Brian Bashaw says, “I am working with the family of an elderly couple in their 90’s. They still live at home. They will stay in, and will be supplied from the outside. We’ve determined which family members are the least likely to become ill, and have tasked them with being the only ones that go into the home. Whatever needs the elderly couple have will be funneled through the designated low risk family member who will be visiting them.
  1. Take a daily inventory. Always end your day with positive acknowledgement of things you accomplished that day to remind you that not all things are gloomy and depressing!

Concordance is making every effort to ensure the continuity of supply. We are following the current guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our hearts go out to the individuals, businesses and communities that have been affected by COVID-19 and we remain committed to supporting our healthcare providers and servicing our communities during this global healthcare crisis.

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