Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing higher than normal demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical related products. Many of these items are currently on manufacturer allocation. As a result, product availability is extremely volatile and inventory is being closely monitored and restricted to best meet the needs of our customers. Please contact your Concordance Account Manager for specific inventory questions. Due to the high demand for PPE and other COVID-19 related products, all PPE and COVID-19 related items sold will be considered outside of normal business and not eligible for return. All PPE and COVID-19 related items are final sale and non-returnable.



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Concordance Voices: Putting the Heart in Healthcare


Concordance's team of experts are at the heart of supply chain solutions. We're focused on the innermost components of the healthcare supply chain and distributing the products you need when and where you need them, not unlike a heart itself, pumping blood throughout the circulatory system. Whether you're a primary care physician providing routine patient care, a hospice nurse comforting patients and family during end of life care or work in acute care managing a diverse inventory of medical supplies, the Concordance team is here for you. 

When someone says they "heart" something, it means they like it a lot; some may even say love. We are those people. We love what we do and who we do it for. At Concordance, we're dedicated to our core principles of respect, integrity, excellence, innovation and commitment. Learn more about how we apply these principles and put the heart in healthcare every day.  

Kevin B. Davis – Corporate Account Manager

“Our job is much more than moving boxes from point A to point B. I genuinely enjoy my customers and try to put my all into those relationships. I take an interest in them as people, their spouses, kids, hobbies and who they are and what they love. If you truly understand them and their end goal and their love of their patients, it comes full circle in terms of loyal customers, enjoying what you do and helping us all be successful.

Dana Frank – Director, Resources and Development

I've had the opportunity to work with several customer groups collaborating on various topics for improvement regarding our day to day processes. I love being able to open up lines of communication and gain perspective for both sides."

Andrew Ilch - Account Manager

"From helping a prime vendor to serving a small surgery center, I’m here to help and I genuinely mean that, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been the guy waiting in the waiting room, so I know how important it is when someone needs 10 cases of sodium chloride for a surgery patient. I put my heart into my job every day because I know the products I help provide end up helping someone who is sick.”

Gillian Walker – Bid & Quotes Coordinator

I love to help people find what they need. Working with bids and quotes, finding that special something is part of what I love to do. I have direct requests from customers to help locate items and quote pricing for them. When I find what the customer needs and it helps care for the needs of their patients, that in itself is very rewarding.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions works hand-in-hand with integrated delivery and supply networks, stand-alone hospitals and health systems to provide the processes and technology that fit their individual needs and help them deliver the highest quality of care to achieve better patient outcomes. Contact us to learn more.

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