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Take Care: Quick Tips to Help You Stay Happy and Healthy


Warmer weather makes it easier to spend time outside. This provides additional opportunity to be more active. Staying active, eating healthy and placing a priority on prevention can be the best tools to keep yourself healthy. In addition, understanding your risks can make it easier to plan a lifestyle that minimizes your chances of developing common illnesses. By keeping regular doctor's visits and staying on top of important screenings, you can protect yourself from common curable conditions.

Here are some quick tips to keep you happy and healthy: 

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Stay active
  3. Know your risks
  4. Prioritize prevention

Eat Healthy

Our diet plays an essential role in providing our bodies with nutrients. Those with predispositions to conditions like high cholesterol or high blood pressure should focus on healthy diets, especially if already overweight or obese. 

Need to make a change? Start simple by adding fruits and vegetables to each meal and try a variety of produce to see what you like most. Keeping yourself engaged in mindful eating can help you stay on top of your day-to-day health.

Stay Active

When you pair healthy eating with a more active lifestyle, you can enjoy additional health benefits. Staying active doesn't have to be as formal or intense as running a marathon or attending a boot camp. It can be as simple as creating daily habits that provide physical and emotional benefits. A quick tip: walking is a basic activity that can help you make steps towards a healthier tomorrow. 10,000 steps a day can help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce fatigue by improving sleep quality
  • Decrease hypertension, reducing your risk for heart attack or stroke

Always be sure to consult a physician when starting a more active lifestyle and do your own research into what activities yield the highest health benefits while also posing the least amount of risk. 

Know Your Risks

Daily habits like eating healthy and exercising regularly are great but knowing your predisposition to common illnesses and health conditions also helps you thoughtfully manage your health. It's important to educate yourself on how unhealthy daily habits can contribute to increased risks in developing a variety of health conditions. Age, weight, race, diet and lifestyle can all have serious implications on your overall health. 

Organizations such as the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) have guidelines to help educate you on the best time to schedule important health screenings such as blood pressure and cancer screenings. Recently, the ACS updated its colorectal cancer screening guideline for people of average risk. 

Prioritize Prevention

Keeping up with your health is an important job for all adults. Yearly checkups help keep you informed and on top of risks for preventable conditions. Don't miss your yearly screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol, mammograms, prostate health, colon health and more.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is one of the largest, independent, healthcare distributors in the U.S. We focus on supplying our customers with high quality products needed to provide exceptional healthcare to communities throughout the country. June is #MensHealthMonth. Follow us on Twitter this month for helpful tips and important health considerations. 

June is #MensHealthMonth <https://twitter.com/hashtag/MensHealthMonth?src=hash> . Follow us this month for helpful tips and important health considerations for  men.