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SONO Symposium: Fostering Hospice Growth and Innovation

Hospice providers do so much for patients and their families while also paying close attention to important hospice considerations including hospice reimbursement rates and the ever-changing cost of care. Staff time spent with hospice patients and their loved ones is an essential component of hospice care. Whether administrative, volunteers or clinicians, hospice caregivers bring aid and comfort as families deal with the difficult emotions during end-of-life care. Distributors, like Concordance, want to ensure that hospice care givers don't lose that valuable time by dealing with supply chain challenges. We proudly partner with SONO, a group dedicated to saving hospices time and money.  

Who is SONO?

SONO is a coalition of hospice service providers who have partnered to integrate and streamline day-to-day operations for the hospice industry. The term SONO is derived from a Gaelic expression meaning "a comprehensive solution." This organization focuses on creative ways to grow hospice by embracing creative culture, sharing ideas and showcasing best practices from many diverse organizations. They foster hospice growth and innovation through their event, the SONO Symposium. 

This interactive conference is an opportunity to learn from other hospice executives across the country, learn from their successes and network with other providers to discuss new approaches. The relationships built at the SONO Symposium provide additional resources to use in response to the challenges you face throughout the year. At the SONO hospice symposium, speakers from throughout the country will inspire you to work more dynamically and creatively in 2019 while still maintaining core hospice values. Topics and forums include:

Wednesday, February 6

  • Keynote - Recapturing Your Creative Spirit
  • Creativity Workshop
  • Medicare Advantage 
  • A Nationwide Movement Towards Palliative Care
  • The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Contract Traps
  • Dynamic Feedback 

Thursday, February 7

  • Getting Paid for Palliative Care
  • Leveraging Technology to Create More Value
  • Let’s Save Some Money!
  • Eliminating Competition Through Innovative Retention
  • Staffing, Length of Stay and Palliative Care
  • Panel Discussion: How to Build a Great Culture

Friday, February 8 (half-day)

  • Thinking Reimagined in Hospice Solutions
Concordance Healthcare Solutions, a founding partner of SONO, has comprehensive hospice-focused supply chain services, medical supplies and support that can free your team to deliver the comfort and quality of life to those who need it most. Contact Us today!
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