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What Does SONO Mean for Hospice Care?


SONO is a broad-based service concept designed to streamline hospice operations. Top hospice service providers have partnered together to provide a variety of programs designed specifically for the hospice industry. This is achieved in several ways but primarily through offering a set of integrated tools that create a single solution for hospice reporting, billing and support requirements.

The SONO partnership is comprised of privately-owned companies that share a common goal to provide exceptional service and support to hospice organizations. This means hospices can concentrate on their primary goal, that of providing quality care for their patients. The benefits of this approach include simplified administrative requirements and lower costs.

Program Benefits

By acting as a central source of information, SONO reduces the administrative workload of individual hospices and ensures that information is sent where it's needed. The services offered by SONO can be summarized as follows:

  • Patient eligibility: Hospices utilizing SONO services no longer need to send patient information to each and every vendor, but only once to SONO, which then provides that information to each vendor as required. SONO's automated systems reduce errors and save time.
  • Single reporting source: SONO consolidates vendor reports into one - saving time, facilitating faster decision making and helping to identify potential savings.
  • Billing consolidation: Instead of hospices having to process multiple vendor payments, SONO combines vendor bills into one single bill that is paid to SONO who then arranges payments to each vendor.

Key Partners

SONO includes five key hospice-specific industry leaders as well as five affiliate organizations. Together, their combined experience ensures that SONO is able to offer class-leading services to the hospice industry. These partners include:

  • Concordance Healthcare Solutions: Concordance, one of the largest, independent, healthcare distributors in the U.S., was formed through the merger of Kreisers, MMS - A Medical Supply Company and Seneca Medical. The company's dedicated hospice division provides customized ordering, standardized formularies, protocols and training, inventory control systems and management tools to assist in cutting costs and provide quality care.
  • Qualis Management: Qualis offers a durable medical equipment (DME) management program that offers substantial cost reduction, payment consolidation services as well as benchmarking and usage reporting. The Qualis DME solutions program helps improve hospice care and save money.
  • PDCrx Prescription Management: Palliative Drug Care (PDC) was founded in 2001 to help hospices reduce the high cost of prescription drugs. PDC's ethos is that the patient comes first and that a win-win relationship between local pharmacies and hospices is essential.
  • HEALTHCAREfirst: HEALTHCAREfirst offers cloud-based agency and clinical management software, revenue cycle management services (billing, coding and chart audits), and advanced analytics solutions powered by Deyta Analytics.
  • C2 Call Center: C2 provides a complete call center service providing unparalleled support and effectiveness that gives hospices the ability to offer a true around-the-clock service.

How Hospice Providers Benefit

Hospices providers contracting with SONO can significantly reduce their administrative workload. This directly translates into lower overhead costs, thereby increasing the portion of funding that can be allocated to improving patient care. Using SONO, hospices can spend less time:

  • Entering data
  • Analyzing reports
  • Processing invoices

To discover how to simplify your administrative processes while simultaneously reducing the cost of hospice medical supplies, contact us today.

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