The path to reducing inventory spend and increasing productivity

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CAMP enables you to better manage your inventory investment by providing you with usage summaries and a purchase history. You’ll also receive detailed departmental reports that can help to:

  • Optimize inventory investment
  • Increase cash flow & FTE productivity
  • Save space & reduce order processing costs
  • Eliminate hidden costs of rush orders and returns
  • Decrease inactive and slow-moving inventory
  • Lower the number of SKUs

CAMP uses leading edge mobile barcode technology from Vanillaware, allowing you to monitor your inventory levels quickly and accurately. Placing orders is simple and fast as they are transmitted directly to your Concordance distribution center, packed for each point-of-use, and delivered to you the next day. This rapid replenishment process enables you to cut inventory, save space and reallocate cash.

The Key is Better Information:

Good decisions require putting the right information in the hands of the right people. Along with usage summaries and purchase history, CAMP provides you with detailed departmental reports to eliminate inactive and excess inventory. All reports can be filtered with flexible date ranges, locations and item categories, among other customizations.

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