Supply Chain Solutions

Concordance Healthcare Solutions offers supply chain technology for your business intelligence. Provider Solutions is an offering of tools and services to help manage the supply chain, provide customized and timely information and improve efficiencies.  

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Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • BeCompliantTM - A complimentary web-based tool, used for tracking and comparing spend and usage.
  • CVision - C-Vision is a web-based web-based tool used for tracking and comparing spend and usage.
  • SMART ReportingTM A range of customized reports developed unique to your organization.
  • uCommandTMuCommandTM Mobile and uCommandTM STAT - uCommand helps contain costs and streamline processes such as order placement and inventory management to maximize efficiencies.
Inventory & Revenue Enhancement
  • CAMP - A cost-effective solution to maintain par levels, minimize SKUs, reduce purchases and excess inventory.
  • C RewardsTM - Join Concordance’s C Rewards™ loyalty program and receive end of year rebates on select categories, suppliers and medical products.
  • FRONT STEPTM Patient Direct Shipment - Minimize unproductive time, with medical supply orders shipped directly to where you need it.
  • HomeShip - Patient-direct delivery that saves time and money while reducing readmission rates. 
  • LogiSize - Reduce cost and product inventory by distributing products in the most logical unit of measure (LUM). 
  • OnBoard - Streamline supply purchasing by bringing all owned-entity supply purchase onto one ordering platform. 
  • ParRight - Determine par location quantities with analytics and calculations geared towards your unique goals. 
  • PPD (Patient Per Day) Program - This program allows you to obtain all of your medical supplies from Concordance for a fixed price per patient day.
  • Vexillum - This program offers a detailed analysis to facilitate SKU rationalization.

Service Offerings

  • 3PL - Expertise in distribution and logistics.
  • Concordance Capital - An extensive healthcare equipment and furniture offering, along with financing options and a dedicated team throughout the project.
  • Concordance University - Stay current on your CEU’s. Our alumni are granted access to an electronic learning library. 
  • Emergency Preparedness - Being prepared and ready to act in times of crisis is a 365 day job.