Concordance Specialty Division proudly represents the following manufacturers:

Adroit Medical - www.adroitllc.com

  • Products: Recessed motorized Delivery Room Mirror – only one on the market.

Airon Medical Products - www.aironusa.com

  • Products: Neonatal Ventilators –MRI compatible Ventilators, CPAP systems.

Clinical Innovations - www.clinicalinnovations.com

  • Products: Traxi Paniculis retraction, Koala® Intrauterine Pressure Catheter, Kiwi® Vacuum Assist Delivery System & Koala Toco, ROM Plus rupture of membrane test, Ebb Complete Tamponade System,


  • Products: Speech enhancement devise for patients that are intubated or on CPAP / BIPAP
Dräger Medical - www.draeger.com
  • Products: Infant warmers, Isolettes, Transport Isolettes, Monitors, Photo Therapy, Jaundice Meters, Resuscitation products, Positioning products & lights.

Homewood Health Care - www.homewoodhealthcare.com

  • Products: for L&D, Nursery & NICU. Including bassinets, Fetal monitoring carts, Case carts, Infant care centers.
ICU Medical - www.icumed.com
  • Products: Needleless IV connectors for safe preparation and delivery of all meds and fluids including oncology medications. Custom IV administration sets, syringe pump tubing, extension sets, secondary sets, etc.

Kirlin Lighting - www.kirlinlighting.com

  • Products: Recessed motorized Birthing lights

LifeSciencePLUS - www.lifescienceplus.com

  • Products: BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze made from completely natural oxidized cellulose. When BloodSTOP comes in contact with blood, it speeds coagulation and expands to a gel that adheres to the surface and applies pressure as it seals the wound. Available in a variety of sizes for use in various departments - including Paramedics, EMTs, ED, Cath Lab, ICU, NICU, Newborn Nursery and Hemodialysis.

RespiroLogics - www.respiralogics.com

  • Products: Infant Respiratory products and a complete BCPAP System

Trademark Medicalwww.trademarkmedical.com

  • Products: Formal oral care

Westmed - www.westmedinc.com/neo-peds

  • Products: Respiratory products for use in the NICU and on infants.

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