Disasters happen. You need to be ready! At Concordance, our core competency is getting product where it is needed and when it is needed. As critical suppliers to healthcare providers, Concordance is your first responder!

Concordance will work with you to:

  • Establish key contact methodology and protocols
  • Define “standing orders” in case of communication failure
  • Identify, quantify and store your emergency supply requirements

We Offer Off-Site Storage/ Emergency Reserves

Concordance warehouses are safe, clean, insured and staffed by a team of experts that know how to handle emergency medical supplies. Whether you need temporary or long term secure storage, Concordance can pick up, deliver and, if necessary

, quarantine, monitor and rotate date-sensitive materials.

We Ensure Business Continuity

Whether it is major events like 9/11 or Katrina, local weather, fires or floods, Concordance can assure you have what you need to provide care.

We Help You Define Your Needs for Potential Events

  • Formularies
  • Contact lists
  • Back-up plans
  • Standing orders
  • Quarantined inventory

We Partner with Your Community

Concordance works with the community to respond to crisis situations:

  • Established interfaces with Federal, State and Local emergency teams including Homeland Security
  • Distribution centers are located in accessible central geographic areas
  • Provide logistics support to other healthcare suppliers and serve as a staging area for dissemination of critical supplies like food and water 

Let us help you help your community at the time they need it most. 

Access the Emergency Preparedness brochure now!