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Protect Yourself and Your Patients

Our new catalog has the products you need to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

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Nitrile Gloves In Stock!

Protect yourself against viruses, bacteria and chemicals. ASTM D6978 rated for use with chemotherapy drugs.

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Nitrile gloves

Detect COVID-19, Flu A & Flu B with one swab!

LifeSign Status™ Covid-19/Flu A&B POC test is the only combo lateral flow antigen test with FDA EUA approval.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Optimized supply chain solutions that assist in reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Innovative web-based solutions that provide invaluable insights into supply chain operations.


Inventory & Revenue Enhancements

Solutions focused on improving operational efficiencies, streamlining supply processes and reducing costs.


Service Offerings

User-friendly solutions that save time and money allowing you to spend more time focusing on patient needs.


Supply Chain Solutions

Offering optimized supply chain solutions that assist in reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Offering optimized supply chain solutions that assist in reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Inventory & Revenue Enhancements

Inventory & Revenue Enhancements

Offering optimized supply chain solutions that assist in reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Offering optimized supply chain solutions that assist in reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Why Concordance

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is your partner in patient care. We are dedicated to operating with the highest level of trust, integrity and commitment while delivering dynamic, dependable service that increases operational efficiencies throughout every level of the supply chain. Concordance provides the technology and solutions that support the logistics, contracts and processes behind the quality medical supplies and healthcare equipment that you need. Concordance brings a legacy of personalized service to address the unique needs of our customers across the continuum of care.

Some facts about us

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Highly specialized employees
Year founded
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Better health.
Better future.

See what’s possible with industry leading quality standards, an intelligent supply chain and over 3,000 product solutions to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

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Got Gloves? Of Course You Do

Focus on Patient Care, Not the Supply Chain

HCS provides a variety of medical products covering the continuum of care with high service levels so you can focus on your patients.

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Inclusive Hiring Program

Inclusive recruitment is the process of connecting with, interviewing and hiring a diverse set of individuals through understanding and valuing different backgrounds and opinions.

"This video is not about PR, this is not about putting forth our organization. It is about bringing awareness to other leaders in this country about people that are out there that want to work. They are not disabled, they are differently abled. Change your thinking."
Positively Impacting Lives
Customer Feedback

St. Luke's Hospital

Physical Therapist

"I see delivery truck, “Trailer 13” nearly every morning on my way to work as it runs the Promedica Flower Hospital to St Luke’s Hospital route and I must say I have never seen a more courteous or safe truck driver. The driver obeys the speed limit, always uses turn signals and while on our grounds, yields the right-of-way to autos even when the driver does not have to."

Customer Feedback

South Dakota Department of Health

Executive Assistant

"I just spoke with Karen in your customer service department. She is an INCREDIBLE example of customer service at its very finest. She was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, extremely helpful and you're lucky to have her in your customer service department. Not everyone in your industry does this as well as your company, and certainly not as well as Karen; she made my day. Having been in retail/customer service, at least part-time for more than 30 years, I'm very critical of poor customer service."

Customer Feedback

Hospice of the West

Special Project Coordinator

"I know I have said this multiple times before but I think it’s important to show appreciation. Julian is so awesome! He comes into our office, greets everyone he walks past, and always has a smile on his face. Today I had a bin with empty boxes that needed to be taken to the recycling dumpster and after Julian finished unloading my delivery, he took the boxes out to the dumpster for me. For no other reason than to be helpful. We truly appreciate Julian over here at Hospice of the West, his consistent punctuality and organization of the boxes as he unloads truly helps us out."