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Concordance Voices: An Expanding Purpose Part I

Posted: 8/15/18 11:14 AM    Author: Christy Coppus - Director of Marketing

Concordance Healthcare Solutions, formed in 2016 through a merger of three healthcare distribution companies, is still in the developing stages of life. Make no mistake, the solid foundation of efficiency and ...

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6 Quick Tips to Spreading Workplace Positivity

Posted: 8/8/18 11:13 AM    Author: Michelle Clouse - RN, BSN

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, factors such as reimbursement changes, mergers and acquisitions, transition of care settings ...

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Concordance Provides Clean Water for Those in Need

Posted: 8/1/18 11:01 AM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Concordance Healthcare Solutions prides itself on delivering service beyond expectations, to our customers and to those in need. As a member of the healthcare industry, we strive to make a positive impact on local ...

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Long Term Care: Changing Tides in the 'Silver Tsunami'

Posted: 7/25/18 11:21 AM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Sooner than later, healthcare will evolve in order to serve more “older” and “elderly” patients, as an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers hit age 65 every day in what some are calling "the Silver Tsunami." With life ...

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Primary Care: UV Safety

Posted: 7/18/18 11:12 AM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

July is #UVSafetyMonth. It's important to educate yourself on sun safety, especially when one out of every five Americans develop skin ...

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Here We Grow Again: Concordance Brings Distribution to New Geographies

Posted: 7/11/18 11:26 AM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

This week, Concordance Healthcare Solutions is embarking on another adventure. Through the hard work and commitment of our team, we are pleased to announce the opening of our newest distribution location in ...

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EMS: Public Safety on Independence Day

Posted: 7/3/18 12:30 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

It’s tradition in the U.S. to celebrate our nation's independence with pyrotechnics, but that tradition makes this holiday a busy time for EMS professionals tasked with responding to 911 calls for related injuries. ...

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The Future of Hospice Care

Posted: 6/27/18 2:02 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

As baby boomers continue to age, healthcare will notice significant shifts; especially in hospice care. What does the future of hospice look like? How will things change in order to take care of such a large section ...

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How Medical Supply Distributors Influence Service in Health Systems

Posted: 6/20/18 2:16 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

With the complexities of the healthcare system, there are many areas to consider when evaluating service. It's important to consider all areas as a whole to determine how they work together to influence outcomes. A ...

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Take Care: Quick Tips to Help You Stay Happy and Healthy

Posted: 6/13/18 2:19 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Warmer weather makes it easier to spend time outside. This provides additional opportunity to be more active. Staying active, eating healthy and placing a priority on ...

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