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How Medical Supply Distributors Influence Service in Health Systems

Posted: 6/20/18 2:16 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

With the complexities of the healthcare system, there are many areas to consider when evaluating service. It's important to consider all areas as a whole to determine how they work together to influence outcomes. A ...

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Take Care: Quick Tips to Help You Stay Happy and Healthy

Posted: 6/13/18 2:19 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Warmer weather makes it easier to spend time outside. This provides additional opportunity to be more active. Staying active, eating healthy and placing a priority on ...

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Ensuring Success in Your Process Improvement Initiatives

Posted: 6/6/18 2:12 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

With new regulations, clinical advancements and technological breakthroughs, the healthcare industry continues to be in a state of change. As consumers become more ...

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4 Ways Technology is Changing Healthcare

Posted: 5/30/18 2:02 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry is continuously updating and evolving with the advances of modern technology. So, what does the future of healthcare look like? Below are ...

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3 Supply Chain Improvements When Distributors Partner with Suppliers

Posted: 5/23/18 2:09 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

In order to provide exceptional patient care, healthcare providers need time with patients. They also need access to the right products and equipment quickly. The medical product supply chain is a complex system that ...

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5 Key Elements for Acute Care Success

Posted: 5/16/18 3:03 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Acute care patients require immediate treatment for injuries or other urgent medical conditions, sometimes resulting in emergency surgeries or extended stays in an intensive care ...

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Choosing the Right Supply Chain Partner for Your Acute Care Facility

Posted: 5/9/18 2:06 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Urgent care centers have become increasingly more common across the U.S. in recent years. This increase is reflective as consumerism continues to influence healthcare. As the Baby Boomer generation ...

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Reducing Hospice Cost of Care through Product Standardization

Posted: 5/2/18 2:45 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Implementing an approach that reduces the complexity of product sourcing, lessens the administrative workload for medical supplies procurement and serves to reduce product costs through standardization. As enticing ...

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The Concordance Corporate Sales Meeting: Building Relationships that Benefit the End User

Posted: 4/25/18 2:31 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

This past week, Concordance Healthcare Solutions held its 3rd Annual Corporate Sales Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. Striving to be the most efficient, productive and engaging distributor event in the ...

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The Value of Primary Care Supply Chain Management

Posted: 4/18/18 2:15 PM    Author: Concordance Healthcare Solutions

The supply chain management of primary care practices is becoming increasingly important. Even though it accounts for less than four percent of clinic expenses, this cost can include a significant amount of time – ...

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