Concordance Healthcare Solutions Launches Surgence™, a Groundbreaking Platform Revolutionizing the Future of the Healthcare Supply Chain Powered by Palantir

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TIFFIN, OHIO – July 20, 2023. Concordance Healthcare Solutions LLC, one of the largest independent healthcare distributors in the U.S., today announced the highly-anticipated launch of Surgence, a healthcare supply chain ecosystem that fully connects providers, distributors and suppliers by bringing unprecedented visibility to supply and demand information. Developed in partnership with Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR, "Palantir"), a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, Surgence, powered by Palantir Foundry’s cutting-edge technology, aims to optimize the healthcare supply chain, ensuring the seamless flow of critical medical supplies and enhancing patient care.

The healthcare supply chain plays a crucial role in delivering timely and efficient medical supplies to healthcare providers, but it often faces challenges such as lack of visibility, inefficiencies and disruptions. Surgence addresses these pain points by providing unprecedented visibility into true supply and demand of medical supplies accessible in real time, allowing members to take greater control of and optimize their own supply chain while improving the accuracy and outlook for the future with machine-driven logic.

"We are incredibly proud to unveil this groundbreaking healthcare ecosystem, which will revolutionize the healthcare supply chain by unifying providers, distributors and suppliers,” said Lisa Hohman, Concordance CEO. "By integrating advanced technology, data-driven solutions and collaborative partnerships, we aim to optimize the supply chain, ensure the availability of essential medical supplies and ultimately improve patient care."

"Surgence is not a competitive product but a holistic solution. Many third-party supply chain solutions exist in the market, but none have the full suite offerings available in Surgence,” said Cody Fisher, Concordance EVP, Strategic Advisor. “Surgence is the first and only of its kind. We invite healthcare providers, distributors and suppliers to join us in this transformative journey towards a more efficient, resilient and patient-centric healthcare supply chain.”

About Concordance Healthcare Solutions
Concordance Healthcare Solutions, an independent healthcare distributor, headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, is built on over 175 years of combined industry experience through the merger of three of the nation’s premier healthcare distributors. Concordance spans the U.S. market with twenty distribution centers licensed in forty-eight states. Concordance delivers dynamic, dependable service to the entire care continuum including acute care, community health, government, home care, hospice, laboratory, long term care, primary care and surgery centers. Concordance has experts dedicated to emergency preparedness, 3PL and reverse logistics, in addition to offering comprehensive support for equipment, remodeling and construction project needs. To learn more about Concordance, please visit To learn more about Surgence, please visit


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