Business Intelligence & Analytics

Offering innovative web-based solutions that provide 
invaluable insights into supply chain operations.

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions are web-based tools allowing for visibility and control of your supply chain including spend and data analytics. Gain maximum visibility with a wide range of customized reports, unique to your organization, and build a custom ordering system with our proprietary inventory-control software.


Gain maximum visibility and control of your supply chain with BeCompliant™. A web-based tool used for tracking and comparing spend and usage, BeCompliant™ provides access to view and report on purchases by item, category and supplier as well as for formulary compliance and budget status.

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C-Vision for Providers is an innovative, web-based Spend & Data Analytics solution that provides invaluable insight and transparency into your supply chain operations. Providing a user- friendly, intuitive way to have continuous visibility, custom reporting and detailed analysis, C-Vision for Providers allows you to explore spend data from all possible angles.

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C-Vision for Suppliers offers unparalleled visibility and transparency into your supply chain operations, providing invaluable insights. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, C-Vision for Suppliers offers continuous visibility, custom reporting and comprehensive analysis capabilities. Seamlessly exploring spend data from every perspective, this innovative tool enables you to gain a deep understanding of your supply chain dynamics.

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SMART Reporting™ offers a wide range of customized reports unique to your organization providing measurements on service and relationship performance, formulary compliance and contract utilization, as well as spend on macro or micro levels.

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Our supply chain management family of tools includes uCommand®, uCommand Stat™ and uCommand Mobile™. This technology allows providers the ability to build a custom ordering system that is tailored to their unique needs. The web-based platform is easily adaptable so that as your needs change, uCommand® can change with you. Develop customer order templates, manage order approvals, set up ordering parameters, use wireless barcode scanning and more. The uCommand® ordering platform makes your ordering process quicker, easier and more accurate.

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