Supplier Diversity Program

For a strong, inclusive and fair supply chain that brings the highest value to our customers and our communities.


 At Concordance, we recognize that maintaining a diverse supplier base drives competition, inspires innovative thinking and fosters the exchange of ideas that can lead to valuable solutions.
At the heart of our Supplier Diversity Program lies our unwavering commitment to promoting and supporting diverse business enterprises (DBE). Through our relationships with certified DBE suppliers, we create a fair and equitable environment that allows all suppliers to thrive and optimize their businesses.
Our objective is to support, encourage and help healthcare providers achieve supplier diversity goals. By promoting diversity in the supply chain, we can cater to the needs and preferences of our customers while simultaneously supporting DBE.






"At Concordance, our philosophy is simple: as a non-vertically integrated supply chain partner, our customers choose their products and we don’t compete with suppliers.

vision is to provide a resilient supply chain for the betterment of patient outcomes. To succeed, we need partnerships with a diverse set of suppliers and providers willing to challenge the status-quo."



Positively Impacting Lives

It is our priority to promote inclusion and our robust supplier diversity program is an example of our commitment. By embracing inclusion, we can identify innovative solutions that are essential to addressing today's healthcare challenges.
Suppliers are a critical part of fulfilling our purpose of Positively Impacting Lives™. Partnering with our trusted and diverse network of suppliers, we take great pride in promoting progress, productivity and performance across the healthcare supply chain.
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Supporting Diversity






Concordance is committed to building a culture that promotes diversity and inclusivity. We seek out suppliers who share our values and are passionate about creating a supportive environment that fosters open communication, trust and collaboration.

Committed to serving our customers, each supplier partner offers quality products and services at competitive costs while prioritizing operational excellence.

The Concordance Supplier Diversity Program is designed to help our diverse suppliers grow and expand through mentorship and scaling tools, ultimately allowing us to offer a more extensive selection of products that cater to the unique needs of our customers.

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