Culture at Concordance

Establishing and expanding our culture of Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Commitment is about more than just a book of values, it’s about the life of the company; our people are our life. These core values are an essential part of our employee culture and are embodied in every decision we make. We believe in a collaborative, results-driven, customer-focused environment that fosters employee teamwork, confidence and success at every level of employment.

We are proud to provide the guidance, environment and opportunity you need to enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge and achieve your career goals at Concordance.

Promoting People

Promoting People

“Our people are passionate about serving the healthcare industry, and about doing the right thing, every time."

"Concordance has a unique culture: we help each other, we pick each other up, we challenge each other and we hold each other accountable. We always have each other’s back and regardless of the challenges that arise, the hard work that it takes, we always come through for each other and for the customer.” 

“Our people have passion, our people have a purpose and our people are the reason we’re successful.”

Lisa Hohman, CEO


Our Values

Respect: We Listen

Building a supportive environment through open, honest communication and understanding.


Integrity: We Do What We Say

Promoting trust through sincere, honorable communication upheld by our actions.


Excellence: We Rise Above

Inspiring positive attitudes that embrace challenges and drive continual improvement through teamwork.


Innovation: We Drive Change

Fostering an environment of idea creation for the development of cutting-edge solutions and efficiencies.


Commitment: We Deliver

Being accountable for the well-being of our employees and providing support for our customers' and business partners' objectives.