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The Newest Additions to our Team

Optimizing the supply chain for further resiliency and efficiency, Concordance has launched autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at our locations across the country. We will continue to invest in technology that is critical for supporting our employees, our customers and the patients that they serve every day.

"The AMRs' flexibility, seamless scalability and fast ROI will enhance our ability to scale to serve the rapidly growing needs of our customers and the  healthcare facilities and patients they support," said Keith Price, Concordance CIO.

COBOTs Wrigley
Welcome to the team


Loves: Baseball and a Full Charge

Runs: 18 - 20 Missions each day

Average Distance: 3.2 miles/day

Wrigley works a variable shift in our Chicago, Illinois warehouse and even makes it to work on opening day.

COBOTs Roger
Welcome to the team


Shift:  11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Loves: Sleeping In

Average Distance: 2.56 miles/day

Roger was named after former CEO, Roger Benz and is located in our Tiffin, Ohio distribution center. 

welcome to the team


Height: 4' 6"

Loves: Weight Lifting

Items Picked: 1700 items/day

Gonk works the afternoon shift, 5-days-a-week, in our Riverside, California distribution center.

COBOT benefit flexible


Easily configured to use multi-level shelving and a wide range of containers, our COBOTS adapt to different workflows and product types, seamlessly supporting both pick and replenishment roles at the same time.

COBOT benefit scalable


Designed specifically for collaborative, high volume order fulfillment, our COBOTS can easily expand their roles to meet volume spikes and manage our ongoing growth.

COBOT benefit efficient


With the latest technology and navigation software, our COBOTS are highly agile and flexible, eliminating unproductive walking time, enabling faster cycle times, and improved ergonomics for collaborative efficiency.

Join Our Team!

Interested in working side-by-side with our COBOTS?

At Concordance, our purpose is Positively Impacting Lives™. That includes all lives, but especially those of our employees, our healthcare providers and the patients they serve each and every day. As we continue to expand our services, solutions and geography, we have a wide variety of career opportunities available in sales, customer support, warehouse operations, contract management, finance and more! We offer a culture of commitment helping you advance your career and achieve your professional goals.

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