Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency through Supply Chain Transparency


A portfolio of customized reports including the Concordance Quarterly Business Review. SMART tracks performance, Deviated Formulary Reports & Compliance, Contract Usage, Expirations & Optimization Reporting and much more on a macro or micro level.

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Daily & Weekly Reports:
  • Daily Price Change Notifications
  • Future Price Change Notifications
  • Backorder Reports: Daily or Weekly
  • Stockless 14 Day Report
  • Item Cross Reference
Monthly Reports:
  • Purchase History Velocity Report
  • Fill Rate: by Quantity, Line or Dollar
  • CAMP™ (Customer Asset Management Program)
  • Facility Dashboard Report
Quarterly Business Review:
  • QBR Summary
  • Monthly Sales Trend
  • Top 25 Vendors
  • Contract Spend Analysis Report
  • HUB Program Report
  • Usage by Facility
Other Value-Added Tools:
  • Savings & Standardization Tracking Report
  • System Price Parity Report
  • Contract Connection Report
  • CORe: Contract Optimization Report
  • Customer Item Master Cross-Walk
  • Slow Mover Item Report

Online Reporting

Summary Reports:
  • Purchase Totals by Vendor
  • Purchase Totals by Descending Dollars
  • Purchase Totals by Name
  • Purchase Totals by Name/Descending Dollars
  • Purchase Totals by Vendor/Ship to
  • Purchase Totals by Customer/Vendor
  • Velocity- Current Year
  • Velocity- Previous Year
  • Velocity- 2 Years Back
Detailed Reports:
  • Purchase History Item Detail
  • Backorder
  • Item Cross Reference
  • Contract Expiration
  • Contract Details
Quarterly Business Reports:
  • Summary YTD by Concordance Number
  • Summary YTD by Manufacturer Number
  • Summary YTD by Description
  • Summary YTD by Manufacturer