Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing higher than normal demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical related products. Many of these items are currently on manufacturer allocation. As a result, product availability is extremely volatile and inventory is being closely monitored and restricted to best meet the needs of our customers. Please contact your Concordance Account Manager for specific inventory questions. Due to the high demand for PPE and other COVID-19 related products, all PPE and COVID-19 related items sold will be considered outside of normal business and not eligible for return. All PPE and COVID-19 related items are final sale and non-returnable.




About Us

Our Purpose

Our People Our Passion COVID19_2

At Concordance Healthcare Solutions, our purpose is to
positively impact the lives of our employees, our
healthcare providers and the patients they serve each and every day.



We are committed to delivering consistent, customer-centric,
patient-focused service that increases our customers' efficiency while
reducing the cost of care through: 

  • A flexible and customizable approach
  • Innovative and dynamic supply chain solutions
  • Dedication to our core principles: respect, integrity, excellence,
    innovation and commitment 

Our Promise: A True Partnership

We believe that in order to build a true partnership, we must continue to improve and adapt our services to our customers' unique needs. Concordance makes it a priority to put our customers first. We do this by: 

  • Being flexible, responsive and attentive to individual customer needs
  • Collaborating on cost-saving supply chain programs and clinical solutions
  • Being the go-to resource and advisor in the ever-changing healthcare environment
  • Supporting the contracts, logistics and processes behind the quality-brand products our customers prefer
  • Providing a compassionate, dependable and knowledgeable sales and service team that take action at all levels of the supply chain
  • Offering a broad array of products from a diverse mix of suppliers and a channel for new technology that supports the best in patient care

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Inclusive Hiring

Inclusive recruitment is the process of connecting with, interviewing and hiring a diverse set of individuals through understanding and valuing different backgrounds and opinions.

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