Reduce Costs, Increase Control and Accelerate Tasks with the Concordance 3PL Program!


img-3pl.pngThe core competency of distribution is logistics optimization and Concordance has evolved a unique business model that incorporates both the efficiencies of a large sophisticated box mover with the flexibility of a locally-based, hands-on, operational team. 

Our 3PL expertise and resources are configured specifically to meet the needs of our customers. While we provide transportation and storage, we have the resources to do kitting (non-sterile), packing, assembly, JIT processing and more. We have allocated space specifically for emergency reserves and temperature-controlled products.

Our services and resources also include:

  • Cross-Docking - Cross-docking and storage of deliveries from multiple suppliers
  • Tracking & Storing - Tracking, storing and securing materials including, but not limited to beds, bio-mechanical devices, pumps and other equipment, in addition to temperature sensitive and high-value items
  • Emergency Reserves - Defining, isolating and accessing emergency reserves
  • Kitting & Assembling - Kit and assemble special projects

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