12 Tools for Reducing Hospice Care Supply Costs

Similar to other healthcare systems, hospice agencies want to save money wherever possible while providing high-quality patient care. Here are 12 free tools from Concordance Healthcare Solutions that can help you reduce your expenditures for products and patient care.

1. Inventory Control – Automating your inventory control with bar code scanning technology helps save your agency time and money by making ordering easier, faster and more accurate, as well as improving the control and transparency of your inventory system. Keeping the appropriate inventory on hand is vital in providing high-quality patient care in the last stages of life.

2. Clinician Ordering – Clinicians can place their own patient orders by interfacing with a complimentary ordering system outfitted with automated rules management, such as formulary compliance and spending per patient, to guide cost and usage.

3. Protocols and Treatment Programs – Hospice specialists can partner with you to identify and implement the most effective protocols and treatment options, while providing in-service training in protocol development and the proper use of products for wound care, skin care, incontinence, ostomy care, enteral nutrition, as well as other needs.

4. Benchmarking – Gain access to a portfolio of contracts that serves as a powerful resource for analyzing your usage and costs. Compare your performance against other hospice agencies by using criteria such as cost and usage per patient day, by item or product category.

5. BeCompliant Program – Control your purchasing process by utilizing a free online tool that allows you to track your inventory by product and product category, manage and view spending limits, see actual patient per day cost in real-time, send email alerts and generate downloadable custom reports.

6. SONO MemberSONO is a coalition of best-in-class hospice-specific vendors focusing on you! Your relationship with SONO gives you access to significant discounts. Being able to interact with all the top hospice vendors on a single website. One source for eligibility, reporting, billing and support, including a complete integration for all your hospice vendor needs. SONO also offers your staff free education at our annual winter symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Visit SONO for more information.

7. CEU’s and Education – Online access to interactive courses that includes: clinical skills, administration education, nursing education and OSHA Compliance can save your staff time and money. In addition, many supplier partners offer web-based courses and in-service training.

8. Customized ReportingUtilization reports provide you the data you need for effective cost containment. Usage and expenditure reports by site, or cost by product or product category reports can help you keep track of supply cost and utilization while reducing waste.

9. Experienced Sales and Customer Service – Work with seasoned and dedicated employees whose mission is to deliver exceptional hospice care and customer service. These specialist's develop an understanding of your philosophy and approach to hospice care to help you reach your goals. Each hospice provider is assigned a specific hospice sales and customer service representative trained with the hospice philosophy in mind.

10. Aggressively Priced Name Brand Products – Many organizations reduce the cost of supplies by substituting generic brands. At Concordance, we offer aggressive pricing and cost advantages on name-brand quality products from a wide selection of suppliers. Our portfolio of hospice contracts will provide guaranteed savings.

11. Per Diem Programs – We can work with you to formulate a per diem program that accurately reflects your costs. We provide customized formularies to best fit your needs and consolidated monthly invoicing for an easy way to budget your money.

12. Strong Contract Portfolio – Take advantage of our portfolio of hospice contracts and volume purchases to receive discounted prices for products you use on a daily basis.

You need sound strategies in place in order to navigate the pressure of managing costs and care programs. Click here to contact Concordance Healthcare Solutions and learn more about how we can help source the highest quality products at the best possible pricing.

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