Concordance Voices: Breast Cancer Stories

Excluding certain types of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Women are strong, courageous and have created a community that has effectively changed the course of breast cancer. This month recognizes the electrified sororities of women and men, fighting and supporting others battling this condition. Now is a time for fighters, survivors, families and healthcare organizations to come together. It’s also an important time for healthcare providers to remind women to schedule routine health screenings and tests which are important steps in preventative care. 

Stories are important. Stories help inform and educate. Concordance doesn’t just supply and support healthcare providers serving those suffering from breast cancer, we also support our employees and their loved ones that have also been affected by this condition. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we invited a few team members to share their personal stories:

Jeannine Sampo – Concordance CS Supervisor
“My best friend’s mother was the kind of woman every woman wants to be when they grow up. She has a level of morality that should ruin all fun, yet she makes you feel the best when you’re around her. She’s intelligent and powerful, without being intimidating. Recently divorced, with her daughter deployed oversees, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She persevered through radiation, surgery and a myriad of emotions, all while continuing to work. Fortified by the support of family and friends, she was able to beat breast cancer, marry her high school sweetheart and build their dream home.”

Kaylin Waltrip – Concordance Marketing Manager
"Four years ago, I thought I felt a lump and was persuaded by my mother to schedule an appointment. I was nervous and then relieved when it was discovered to be nothing. My scare encouraged my mother to schedule a mammogram; something she had been putting off for years. They discovered a lump and acted quickly as they had discovered it very early. My mother underwent a lumpectomy and radiation and is one year away from being considered a survivor (five years)!"

Hannah Wise – Concordance Software Trainer
“At 22 years old, I learned that my grandmother had breast cancer while on my lunch break at work. My mom assured me grandma was a fighter. Approximately two months later, my mother was also diagnosed. My grandma had a mastectomy and my mom had a lumpectomy. After radiation and chemo for grandma and radiation for mom, they were completely clear of cancer! I developed a deeper appreciation for the men and women who worked so intensely with them to ensure they were healthy and well taken care of.”

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is pleased to partner with suppliers that support healthcare providers diagnosing and treating breast cancer with the supplies and products they need. We're your partner in patient care and we're proud to provide the technology and solutions that support the supply chain and the other important processes behind the quality medical supplies you need. 

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