How Can I Get Customized Healthcare Design Solutions?

How Can I Get Customized Healthcare Design Solutions?
There are many custom designers available in today’s market. Architects and interior designers can give you an eco-friendly building, or detail your room to have a modern, minimalist look and flow. But, what about industry-specific design?
How do you find an architect who knows buildings and your business? For medical clinics and facilities, the answer is to work with industry experts who can team up with these architects to create a design that meets the needs of your patients and medical providers.

Get customized equipment and interior healthcare design solutions by answering the following:

What is the desired outcome? Define the goals of our space
Do you want a colorful space that lets children feel at ease; or a calming room that can help relax waiting family members? There are many possibilities, and defining the final goal for your space will help with the next steps.

Whom are you accommodating? Identify the users of your space
Who will be occupying this space? Are you creating a handicapped accessible lobby and reception area? Perhaps you are trying to provide an area specifically for patients who require bariatric equipment including seating, wheelchairs, exam tables and weight scales. Understanding the users of the space will ensure you have the correct design. 

What is the current state? Make a list of what works today and what is needed
Once you have identified the patient population and defined the atmosphere and purpose of your space, you will need to specify physical layout and equipment needed to make your space work.

Do you have an existing setup that works well but needs a small adjustment? Is your space awkward and impractical? Make a list of what is working and what is causing challenges. This will guide you in determining what you need.

Team up with Equipment Specialists
It is important to focus on the equipment you need and how it all works together in the space design. Do you need special accommodations for the medical equipment you have chosen? For instance, does your exam table have enough clearance to move freely?

Equipment Specialists know what will work and how it will work. The Concordance Team can provide you the expertise to create the most efficient space possible while saving you time in the planning process. For more information, contact us here.

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