Invest in Your Patients: End of Year Equipment Purchasing

Healthcare providers are tasked with caring for patients and ensuring they are comfortable while receiving that care. Visiting a medical facility can be a stressful experience for a number of reasons, from anxiety about a procedure to poor past experiences. Creating inviting and comfortable environments can help healthcare providers ease this tension and foster a better experience and increased satisfaction.

The healthcare industry requires considerable investments in medical equipment, healthcare furniture and furnishings for exam and patient rooms. As the end of the year draws near, healthcare providers are focused on maximizing their remaining calendar year budgets. Now is a great time to invest that remaining budget into healthcare equipment pieces. While managing equipment needs can be challenging, a healthcare equipment partner, such as Concordance, can expedite the process, ensure invoices are delivered promptly and help make equipment and furniture selections based on your unique end-of-year needs. If your healthcare facility doesn’t follow a calendar year budget, keep these ideas in mind as food for thought for your fiscal budget, whatever it may be.

Patient Experience
Creating inviting healthcare spaces increases patient comfort, which in turn helps improve their survey responses. Managing happiness can be a complicated task as several factors can influence a hospital experience. The safety and experience of a patient presents unique challenges, but working with a healthcare equipment partner that recognizes these challenges can help make the process of selecting the right products easier by providing knowledgeable equipment expertise.

With such a variety of product and equipment selections available, choosing the right equipment items can be a complicated process. Having a team of industry experts at your disposal helps expedite this process by providing concise and expert service. The right equipment partner can be a valuable resource in helping you increase your product knowledge and understanding while also helping streamline the selection and acquisition process; allowing you more time to focus on patient needs.

Left over funds can be an opportunity to purchase items that weren’t budgeted for at the beginning of the year. Some examples of good end-of-year equipment and furnishing investments include:

The key difference between end-of-year equipment purchases and general equipment purchases is that these pieces must be ordered, invoiced and shipped before the end of the year. The best way to ensure this, is to focus on rapid delivery items such as equipment pieces with two to four week delivery, as opposed to six to eight weeks. Some equipment and furnishing suppliers anticipate remaining balances in end of year budgets, and therefore are prepared with available inventory. Concordance also has quick ship programs with several of our supplier partners, allowing you more flexibility to have your equipment purchases ordered, invoiced and delivered to your facility by the end of 2019.

Once your equipment items are selected, having a supplier partner capable of providing high-level service from assembly assistance to coordinating rapid delivery and logistics will ensure a smooth and efficient process. Ultimately, your end-of-year equipment procurement experience should seamlessly blend exemplary personalized support with customized solutions to help fulfill your needs. Your equipment partner should offer customized solutions and technologies that fit your individual needs, reduce costs and help you deliver the highest quality of care. When your equipment partner is focused on providing these solutions, they help you in streamlining efficiencies and increasing positive outcomes.

Looking to get everything out of your year-end budget? Concordance Healthcare Solutions equipment experts can help with all of your healthcare furnishing needs. Browse our equipment selection and contact our equipment team today! Also, be sure to ask about year-end specials that can save you even more money.

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