Picking a Healthcare Education Supply Chain Partner for 2019-2020

Healthcare educators at colleges, universities and trade schools from simulation lab coordinators to program directors and purchasing directors need a collaborative approach to fulfilling training supply and equipment needs. When selecting a healthcare education supply chain partner, it’s important to work with a distributor that provides hands-on assistance in the selection of quality, cost effective supplies, tools and equipment in a timely manner.

Fulfilling equipment and supply needs can be a challenging and time consuming task for healthcare educators. The best investment a healthcare educator can make, other than in their own education, is in a partnership with a dedicated supply chain partner. While picking a healthcare supply chain partner, look for one that helps relieve the hassle and provide efficiencies, but where do you start? Start at the beginning and focus on what you need for your students to be successful: product expertise, equipment and supplies, cost-effective and time saving solutions.

Product Expertise
Healthcare education needs vary from custom kits to manikins, disposables and even large pieces of training equipment. You need the products your students will see in a clinical setting, whether they are training to work in acute care, primary care, long term care or any other healthcare setting. You also need access to those products with helpful solutions to maintain individual budgetary needs.

Collaboration, communication and commitment are tools that can help you be successful in this endeavor. A distributor can be your trusted advisor, providing product expertise on the materials you use every day as well as providing helpful information on new and emerging products.

Visit Concordance at the INACSL Conference at booth 109

Equipment and Supplies
Equipment needs for healthcare educators vary by location, market and program. You’re focused on preparing your classrooms for students and teaching them what they need to know to provide exemplary care. You need a streamlined process for ordering unique equipment pieces from pumps to beds and even refurbished equipment options. 

Select a distributor with a team of experts that can provide hands-on assistance in identifying the right medical equipment products, acquisition, staging, storing and installation of diagnostic equipment at the lowest prices for your program. Look for a distributor with solid relationships with suppliers and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), which can provide the best equipment and supplies at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Cost-Effective and Time Saving Solutions
Working closely with teachers and instructors allows your distributor to truly understand the unique needs of your individual healthcare education program. A vertically integrated supply chain allows for the products you need to be paired with solutions designed to save time and money. It’s important to add efficiency and harmony to the process of educating future healthcare professionals, ensuring they have the right tools and products to properly learn their life-saving trade.

At Concordance Healthcare Solutions, working with simulation lab coordinators, program directors and purchasing directors to provide quality, cost effective solutions, supplies and equipment is what we do. We offer a large variety of custom kits, manikins, disposables and even custom-branded student totes. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you in the upcoming school year. Also, be sure to visit Concordance at booth 109 at the 2019 INACSL Conference, June 19-22, 2019.

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