Motivation May

Our team of Concordance employees is full of dedicated, hardworking individuals that positively impact our company, our customers and their patients every day. While we are all here to fulfill that purpose, we come from different places, with different stories to tell and different things that drive us to do our best.

To gain more insight into who our employees are at heart, we asked a variety of individuals from across the country to share with us the things that motivate them every day. Watch the videos below to learn more about the hearts of Concordance.

Motivation May 2020: Week 4


JRBrickner (Captioned by Zubtitle)

JR Brickner
Driver Supervisor / Fleet Manager
Tiffin, OH

MichaelHilbert (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Michael Hilbert
Picking Clerk
Riverside, CA

Sandy Gonzales (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Sandy Gonzales
Customer Service Supervisor
Tiffin, OH

Angela Golden (Captioned by Zubtitle)-2

Angela Golden
Receiving Supervisor
Chicago, IL

Motivation May 2020: Week 3


Junius Jordan (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Junius Jordan
Shipping Clerk
 Earth City, MO

Justin Schultz (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Justin Schultz
Lead, Operations
 Tiffin, OH

Dean Pasquini (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Dean Pasquini
Account Manager
 Chicago, IL

Motivation May 2020: Week 2



JeffreeFarahkhiz (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Jeffree Farahkhiz
 Supervisor, Operations
 Riverside, CA


Crystal Jones (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Crystal Jones
Supervisor, Operations
Chicago, IL


Nicki Meier (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Nicki Meier
Receiving Clerk
Tiffin, OH

Motivation May 2020: Week 1


NinoDiaz (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Nino Diaz
Supervisor, Operations
Chicago, IL

Kim Wagner (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Kim Wagner
Shipping Clerk
Earth City, MO

Caroline Phillips (Captioned by Zubtitle)

Caroline Phillips
Put Away Clerk
Tiffin, OH


More Heart. More Stories.
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Potential Future Topics:
Gratitude – What are you most grateful for?   

Balance – How do balance your work and home life?  

Fun & Games – What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?