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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is dedicated to serving individuals in need. Time is of the essence in the EMS industry. First responders, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics and other EMS providers are constantly working long hours, on their feet, saving lives.

However, EMS isn't just about saving lives. There is a myriad of services provided in this industry including:

  • Treating injuries
  • Helping elderly individuals
  • Responding to drug overdoses
  • Assisting with alcohol impaired individuals
  • Providing aid to large scale emergencies
  • EMS medical sales account management

Michael BoydIn the end, EMS personnel manage the healthcare needs of any individual as they come to require their services. But what about in the beginning? What attracts someone to this field? When does someone decide helping others is their calling?

We sat down with Michael Boyd, a Concordance Healthcare Solutions Account Manager in our EMS Division. Boyd has a background as an EMT and a paramedic, with over seven years of Certified Critical Care Paramedic experience prior to joining the Concordance team. Check out his interview below:

How long have you worked in the EMS field?
"I’ve worked in the EMS field for 17 years. I'm 35 years old and I started working in EMS when I was 18.”

How did you get interested in the field?
"At the time, my twin brother volunteered for the fire department and required hours for his firefighter certification. My brother and I have always been competitive so I wanted to prove I could also be a firefighter. The first test involved trying on all of the gear and moving around. I placed everything on my 130Ib, 5’11 frame, and you can guess what happened; I immediately toppled over. After we all enjoyed a few laughs, we discussed my alternative options."

What about EMS appealed to you specifically?
"EMS was recommended since I like to help people. I immediately signed up to be an EMT. After I finished my certification and had my first patient experience, I was hooked."

How has your career evolved over the years?
"After a few years working as an EMT, I decided to be a paramedic. I received my paramedic certification from the University of Texas and immediately transferred to a higher acute area practicing a different style of medicine. After a few more years I moved to EMS medical sales."

What is your favorite part about working for Concordance?
"We're not just a distributor, we have the opportunity to attend conferences around the country and take the newest ideas and techniques directly to our customers. Combined with our network of warehouses, we connect and supply our civil service communities with the products they want and the products they need." 

What would you say about EMS overall, considering your work in different roles?
"Each part had its own challenges and rewards." 

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to providing healthcare providers and professionals with the service and support that back our quality products at competitive prices; helping you save lives. Our customizable distribution model allows us to provide flexible, accurate and prompt delivery.

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