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Concordance works hand-in-hand with stand-alone hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery and supply networks to provide the processes and technology that fit their unique acute care needs. We help them deliver the highest quality of care from bulk distribution to low unit-of-measure, integrated service centers or custom hybrid solutions. We design the supply chain model that provides the most optimal platform of efficiency, innovation and exceptional service.

To learn more about our approach in practice in the Lone Star state, we sat down with Michael Boyd, a Concordance acute care account manager in Texas. Our Grand Prairie team works efficiently as we service customers and grow business in the area. Check out his interview below:

Michael BoydHow long have you worked in healthcare?
“I’ve worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years. I started working in EMS and have transitioned into the acute care space. They’re somewhat similar, where in EMS we worked with bids and now in acute care I work a lot with GPO contracts.”

For those unfamiliar with Concordance, who are we?
“While the name Concordance is new in Texas, it’s actually built on over 175 years of combined industry experience. In the southwest, and the rest of the country, healthcare providers may be more familiar with our former names - Kreisers, MMS and Seneca Medical. We’re not a new kid on the block. While we became Concordance in 2016, we’re still the same team and we still offer the same products and service excellence.”

Describe our main focus
“Our main focus is service. There is nothing better in the world than to serve; especially in healthcare. Caring for patients while managing your diverse medical supply inventory shouldn't be overwhelming. Our warehouse teams make it possible for you to focus on delivering excellent care while we deliver the quality-brand products you need. We’re systematic in that focus and we strategically align ourselves with our customers and keep our goal within our ability to service. Ultimately, we aim to be a valued partner in patient care by providing unparalleled logistical support for the contracts and processes behind the products we deliver. With thousands of supplier partners, we offer our customers in Texas, and the rest of the U.S., full product lines in diverse categories including advanced wound care, equipment, incontinence, point of care testing and many others.”

Tell us a bit about Concordance in Grand Prairie, Texas
“We have a dedicated local staff which allows us to move throughout the warehouse quickly and efficiently as we service our Texas customers. This location has strong lines of communication, within this facility as well as with Concordance’s network of warehouses. Our overall company mission is partnering with providers and suppliers to deliver innovative and dynamic solutions, seeking to improve the patient experience while reducing the cost of care. We accomplish this in Texas through our efficiency. Our warehouse pickers understand our products and our customers’ needs and approach them granularly, recognizing that it’s not simply a pallet of goods. Our drivers also play a crucial role in getting product where it's needed, when it's needed.”

What are our strengths?
“We continue to add efficiency and ease to the healthcare supply chain, both in Texas and throughout the U.S. Our biggest strength is our dedication to our customers’ needs. We have the ability to respond to any need and that flexibility is greatly appreciated. We think spherically about the whole picture not just a single customer order but also consider seasonal influx and what you need per month, per season and quota.”

What do you like best about the Concordance team, both in Texas and throughout the country?
“One thing we’re especially big on is respect. We respect our people in all positions whether it’s a picker, operations manager or an account manager. We respect each other’s time, especially in the warehouse, and make sure that our processes maximize efficiency and instill in our warehouse personnel that what one person does in a shift can affect many others. Simply put, it’s about getting things done, getting them done right and getting them done right the first time. We also recognize that every employee deals with their own situation and we respect their needs when it comes to time off for the death of a loved one, the birth of a child or even if they’re called away for military service. Our team members pitch in whether it’s someone out on leave or they need volunteers to help at another distribution center.”

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to supporting acute care providers. Our customizable distribution model allows us to provide flexible, accurate and prompt delivery. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you be successful.

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