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Concordance Voices: Supporting Community Health Centers

Concordance Voices: Supporting Community Health Centers

Posted: 8/7/19 10:49 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Community Health Centers (CHCs) serve as a comprehensive and cost effective healthcare option, providing primary care to patients in underserved communities. The patient-centered approach of these organizations focuses on offering unique support and services for agricultural workers, the homeless, children and women. Driven by consumer demand, CHC’s continue to grow, serving an estimated 28 million patients annually. As demand for affordable primary care increases across the country, these facilities provide an invaluable service to their patients and to the healthcare community as a whole.

CHCs increase access to healthcare and provide integrated care services based on the unique needs of the communities they serve. They deliver enormous value and have a significant impact on the U.S. healthcare system, serving one in every twelve citizens. According to the National Association for Community Health Centers, CHCs care for one third of those living in poverty, one fifth of the individuals living in rural communities and one in eight people of racial or ethnic minority.

In order to provide the best support and care to the underserved populations, community health providers need a streamlined supply chain and unparalleled service from their med/surg suppliers. To learn more about how Concordance supports CHCs, we sat down with Bill Muich, the Director of Primary Care, who has been with the company for over 25 years. Check out his interview below:

Bill MuichHow long have you worked in healthcare?

“I started in healthcare right out of college and I’ve worked at Concordance for the last 27 years.”

What is your role at Concordance?

“My role has evolved throughout my career with Concordance. Currently, I serve as the Senior Director of Primary Care and I collaborate with our team and our customers to develop programs and services that benefit the primary care market.”

What role do CHCs play in healthcare?

“The daily work of CHCs is very important. The role of CHC healthcare providers is key to providing support to local communities. From work with migrant farmers in Arizona and Kentucky, to supporting women’s health and pediatric needs, support from CHCs provides crucial access to healthcare services for those that may not have other options. CHCs work hard on behalf of their prospective communities, both in the office and in our nation’s capital, lobbying for the needs of their patients.”

What other benefits do CHCs provide?

“In addition to supporting local communities, CHCs also reduce healthcare costs, provide savings and serve on the front lines of public health crises and natural disasters. They provide care to over one million homeless patients each year, as well as offer healthcare support to our nation’s veterans.”

How do distributors, like Concordance, support CHCs?

“Community Health Centers treat a wide range of patients with different needs, and it's essential that the right medical supplies are always available. However, maintaining large product and supply inventories is not cost-effective, meaning that supplies need to be replenished as soon as they are used. This can be accomplished through a distribution partnership, fortifying their supply chain and providing medical products and supplies based on usage.”

What is the Concordance approach to supporting CHCs?

“At Concordance, we want to be a part of the great work CHCs provide by offering cost savings on the products they use every day and by improving ordering and replenishment efficiencies; a value that can be put back into the communities they serve. Our passion is simplifying our customers' supply chains, providing the medical supplies they need, while delivering the support and solutions to make sure that they can spend more time focusing on patients and less time worrying about filling product orders.”

What is your favorite part about supporting CHC customers?

“I love that no two CHCs are alike. They provide a wide range of services to patients, actively work to address social determinants of health and also provide answers to healthcare issues affecting their patients and local communities.”

How can Concordance Healthcare Solutions help your CHC? Your passion is providing quality care for your patients – we are here to support that passion. Let Concordance help identify cost-saving opportunities and improve operational efficiencies by developing a personalized supply chain plan to enhance the patient care within your community. Contact us today!

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