Daxor Corporation Announces Non-Government Distribution Agreement with Concordance® Healthcare Solutions

Daxor Corporation (NYSE MKT: DXR), the global leader in blood volume measurement technology, announces today that it has signed a non-government distribution agreement with Concordance Healthcare Solutions, one of the largest independent healthcare distributors in the U.S.  Daxor and Concordance will work together to provide Daxor’s BVA-100® (Blood Volume Analyzer) diagnostic blood test to healthcare facilities nationally, driving the use of blood volume measurement to help guide precise, individualized volume management in a wide variety of medical conditions including heart failure and critical care. 

“Partnering with Concordance will accelerate Daxor’s growing sales, allowing our technology to reach even more healthcare systems,” said Michael Feldschuh, Daxor’s CEO and President.  “Combining our sales and marketing efforts will facilitate awareness, adoption and integration of our much-needed and valuable test into standard of care, leading to better outcomes and improvement of the quality of life for patients.”

“Partnering with Daxor, the dedicated leader in blood volume measurement technology, to distribute the BVA-100 supports our purpose of ‘Positively Impacting Lives’ by reducing readmissions, lowering healthcare costs and improving the lives of our customer’s patients,” said Bill Muich, Concordance’s Senior Director, Equipment Sales and Service. “The Daxor BVA-100 will allow Concordance to offer a unique solution in the lab equipment space benefiting both patients and providers.”

About Daxor Corporation

Daxor Corporation (NYSE: DXR) is the global leader in blood volume measurement technology focused on blood volume testing innovation (organized as an investment company with fully-owned innovative medical instrumentation and biotechnology operations).  We developed and market the BVA-100® (Blood Volume Analyzer), the first diagnostic blood test cleared by the FDA to provide safe, accurate, objective quantification of blood volume status and composition compared to patient-specific norms.  The BVA technology enhances hospital performance metrics in a broad range of surgical and medical conditions, including heart failure and critical care, by informing treatment strategies, resulting in significantly improved multiple measures of patient outcomes.  Daxor’s mission is to advance healthcare by enabling optimal fluid management with blood volume analysis.  Daxor’s vision is optimal blood volume for all.  For more information, please visit our website at Daxor.com.

About Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Concordance Healthcare Solutions, an independent healthcare distributor headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, is built on over 175 years of combined industry experience through the merger of three of the nation’s premier healthcare distributors. Concordance spans the U.S. market with nineteen distribution centers licensed in forty-eight states. Concordance delivers dynamic, dependable service to the entire care continuum including Acute Care, Community Health, Government, Home Care, Hospice, Laboratory, Long Term Care, Primary Care and Surgery Centers. In addition, Concordance has experts dedicated to emergency preparedness, 3PL, and reverse logistics, in addition to offering comprehensive support for equipment, remodeling and construction project needs. To learn more, visit: www.concordance healthcare.com.

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