Emergency Preparation for Supply Chain Consistency

It's been two weeks since Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas and moved up the U.S. coast, serving as a timely reminder of the damage Mother Nature can cause. During catastrophic disasters, healthcare providers require reliable supply chains that are built to sustain their needs during crisis. They should be able to focus their attention towards delivering life-saving care amidst disasters and emergencies whether natural, pandemic or man-made.

National Preparedness Month is recognized every September with the purpose of promoting disaster and emergency planning throughout the healthcare industry. Having a reliable supply chain partner during these times of turmoil can ensure that medical professionals have the supplies they need in order to do exactly that. Below are recommended key components to help ensure that your hospital or medical facility is prepared for an emergency.

Organize a Plan
Disasters happen and you need to be prepared with a well-organized plan. Begin by focusing on how to ensure that you have the products you need, where you need them during an emergency. Your distributor can act as a first responder, helping you prepare for the worst so when storms roll in or a disaster strikes, you’re already set up for success. Be sure to establish a contact methodology, crisis plans or protocols so all team members are well prepared to handle a crisis situation.

Emergency Reserves
Begin by defining “standing orders” which can ensure product flow in the event of a communications failure. As you plan emergency backup reserves or stock, be sure to identify and quantify your emergency supply requirements. In addition to providing regular supplies, your distributor should have a team of experts that know how to efficiently facilitate the delivery of emergency medical products. When building out your emergency supply reserves, be sure to develop plans for both short term and long term disasters, making certain that you clearly define the difference between the two. Be mindful of date-sensitive materials and work hand-in-hand with your distributor to ensure you’re all set.

Ensure Business Continuity
If emergency situations arise, distributors, like Concordance, can assure that healthcare facilities have what they need to provide care. We can assist with the development of emergency preparedness plans by collaborating to create:

  • Formularies
  • Contact lists
  • Back-up plans
  • Standing orders
  • Quarantined inventory

Community Partnership
Partnering with a distributor that can assist your entire community and surrounding areas during crisis situations, makes it possible for healthcare facilities and professionals to provide care to all those in need. For example, Concordance Healthcare Solutions:

  • Has strategically placed distribution centers that are located in accessible, central geographic areas offering service to the majority of the country.
  • Has established interfaces with Federal, State and Local emergency teams including Homeland Security, which allows us access to areas of crisis and disaster.
  • Can provide logistics support to other med/surg suppliers and serve as a staging area for dissemination of critical supplies like food and water.

At Concordance, our core competency is getting product where it is needed, when it is needed. Our Emergency Preparedness program helps you be prepared and ready to act in times of crisis, 365 days a year. It offers customizable plans that can be immediately activated to manage through disasters and emergencies, providing assurance that you have what you need to provide care. Click below to learn more.

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