Overcome Industry Pressures with a Trusted Partner

Posted:05/31/23 1:00 PM
Author: Dukal, LLC

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Overcome Industry Pressures with a Trusted Partner

Every step in the healthcare value chain is confronting inflationary pressure, with increasing healthcare costs and supply chain disruptions, health systems are facing a wide range of pressures to maintain affordable wound care while attaining positive clinical outcomes.

While product costs inflate, reimbursement rates are not, leading to a substantial adverse effect on healthcare margins. Further, failures in the healthcare supply chain are creating backorders, additional price increases, and leaving healthcare providers without the essential everyday products they need to ensure proper care.

Payer and provider executives reported that they expect a drop in margins between 25 and 75 percent or one to three percentage points. Many payer and provider organizations have 2 to 4 percent operating margins, implying that earnings could be wiped out due to current financial pressures. 

Meet Dukal

For decades, Dukal has been a trusted source for medical consumables that represent a significant spend within acute and non-acute medical settings. 

Today, we’re applying the expertise of our global workforce, national brand of products, technology investments, data insights, and trusted partnerships to build a better future. We’re driving growth through manufacturing and supply chain excellence to mitigate disruptions and create solutions that better serve the needs of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. 

Overcome Industry Pressures with a Trusted Partner

Inflation and reimbursement
We strive to build long-term partnerships by understanding your needs, customizing solutions, and delivering value. We serve the entire continuum of care with more than 3,000 products and long-term partnerships with distributors and health systems across the country.

Failures in the supply chain
Through advancements in supply chain innovation and automation, we’re mitigating disruptions and building an intelligent and proactive supply chain to ensure our customers have what they need, when they need it. 

Increasing quality standards
Industry-leading knowledge of quality and regulatory compliance requirements continues to differentiate us; our experienced global team ensures product compliance and specification requirements.

Work with a Partner You Can Trust

In today’s reality of high vendor back orders and supply chain disruptions, Dukal ensures deliverable accountability at every stage of the process, with the highest level of quality, oversight, and proactive service.

Contact your Concordance sales rep and see what’s possible with healthcare solutions from Dukal. 

Helping you manage everything from product to patient. Because, when people have access to better health, they have access to a better future. 



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