Med/Surg: Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes

The healthcare industry is ever-evolving and consistently changing due to new rules, regulations and the changing needs of society. Due to this influx landscape, providers face a variety of challenges and pressures pertaining to cost reduction and patient care. It‘s important for all healthcare facilities, regardless of their market focus, to work with a distributor that can help guide and support them in every aspect of the supply chain.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions offers the quality med/surg products and supplies that help you provide exceptional patient care. We combine these products with innovative supply chain solutions that provide unparalleled support for hospitals, health systems, surgery centers, integrated delivery and supply networks. We’re committed to delivering dynamic, dependable service that increases your efficiency throughout every level of the supply chain as we follow a patient’s journey through the care continuum.

Serving Customers
We have the unique ability to provide acute care customers with the service model that will effectively increase the efficiency of their supply chain while aiding in cost reduction. We also work hand-in-hand with customers throughout the care continuum to provide the processes and technology that fit their individual needs, helping them deliver the highest quality of care and achieve better patient outcomes. From bulk distribution to low unit-of-measure, integrated service centers or custom hybrid solutions, we design the supply chain model that provides the most optimal platform of efficiency, innovation and exceptional service.

When asked about Concordance's med/surg capabilities, Steve Clifford, Account Service Representative from our Nampa, Idaho, location said, “I’ve worked for 6 different med/surg distributors over the course of my 25+ year career in healthcare. So, from my perspective, and with complete confidence, I can say that Concordance makes every possible effort to exceed, not only the expectations of our customers and their patients, but to surpass the company’s internal standards. I am very proud to be part of this commitment."

Product Catalog
The Concordance mission is focused on partnering with suppliers and providers to deliver med/surg products paired with dynamic solutions. Our supply chain solutions assist in reducing costs throughout any healthcare facility, while our product catalog is an extensive offering of quality products from a large variety of suppliers. Our comprehensive selection allows medical professionals to choose items in categories A through Z, from apparel, bandages and dressings to equipment and furnishings, gloves, incontinence products, instruments, wound care and so much more.

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Concordance Healthcare Solutions operates with the highest level of trust, integrity, commitment and service, and our vision guides our efforts towards an unwavering partnership, aimed at becoming the most innovative, respected and trusted advisor. We are dedicated to delivering service beyond expectations by backing our quality products with exceptional service and support. We help you save time and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best - caring for patients. We look forward to being your partner in patient care.

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