The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Equipment in 2019

Buying refurbished equipment in 2019 is different than in the past. Navigating equipment needs can be quite a challenge, but your healthcare equipment partner can alleviate stress, streamline efficiencies and help make decisions such as choosing refurbished equipment options. There are a variety of benefits and considerations when purchasing refurbished equipment.

First, refurbished equipment can come at a cost savings when compared to new equipment. This provides an opportunity for healthcare educators, smaller or rural healthcare providers and departments with tight budgetary restraints. Delivery is another consideration, where new equipment can typically be purchased and delivered immediately, refurbished equipment usually takes more time due to the refurbishment process. Also, if you buy refurbished equipment, it’s important to buy from reputable sources with proper equipment certification protocols that ensure equipment meets original standards.

What is Refurbished Equipment?

While there is no universal definition for refurbished equipment, the general idea is a piece of equipment that has been inspected and repaired to the fullest extent with new parts to bring the finished product back to its original condition. However, there is slight variation in refurbished equipment pieces. Some pieces can be nearly perfect and completely restored, while others can appear somewhat second-hand. The important distinction between “refurbished” and “used” equipment is the process refurbished pieces have gone through to be repaired, inspected and verified with specific standards.

Concordance refurbished equipment units are refurbished at an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified facility, meaning they are returned back to original manufacturer specifications for operation. So, while these pieces might have some small marks, slight signs of wear or discoloration, the operating quality is restored and the cosmetic state of the equipment does not affect the operation of the unit.

Buying new equipment comes at a price, which is typically 40-60 percent higher than refurbished equipment. Sometimes funding for necessary equipment is not available and when combined with the need and pressure for the latest equipment, it’s important to consider all purchasing options  and alternatives. While ISO certification requires minimums to be met that require more time, parts and training, this quality is passed on to the refurbished piece.

Refurbished equipment is not like new products in a variety of ways. Firstly, refurbished equipment is not ready to ship. When an order is taken, the unit is placed into a production schedule and the refurbishing process occurs after an order is placed. Concordance is an industry leader and ISO certified and we have a strict process to follow to return refurbished equipment to original specifications with a typical order taking four weeks to process. Calibration, quality control, technical and cosmetics take time to get right.

In the past, refurbished equipment has received a poor reputation, with some questionable options still available today. There are many factors to consider when purchasing refurbished medical equipment. Concordance ensures that our refurbished equipment offerings are refurbished to their original manufacturing specifications at an ISO certified facility and certified for patient use. The ISO certification means that all of the policies, processes and procedures are verified by an outside engineering source for a minimum requirement that far exceeds other refurbishments.

Do you need medical equipment, but confined by tight budgetary constraints or brand restrictions? Concordance Healthcare Solutions has a solution, buying refurbished equipment instead of new medical equipment. Refurbished equipment is great for the replacement of existing items or in the event you are remodeling or expanding a facility. Contact us today to learn more.

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