4 Reasons To Use an Experienced Equipment Specialist In a New Clinic

A new clinic requires great attention to detail, from interviewing talented medical staff to signing leases and securing parking. Another necessary detail involves evaluating, selecting, ordering, and setting up your healthcare equipment.

Fortunately, this step can be made easier by utilizing the services and expertise of a healthcare equipment specialist for your new clinic. Here are four reasons why this is a great idea!

1) Healthcare equipment specialists manage your project.

Timing needs to be accurate, from ordering, expediting, delivery to day of opening. All of these components can be a hassle but the process can be even more complicated at a new clinic as you establish procedures. Specialists can help with your timeline.

This frees up your staff to work on actual patient-care projects and lets you keep patient appointments on schedule.

2) Healthcare equipment specialists match the right equipment to your clinic.

Not all equipment is created equal. You may know that you need products for your exam and procedure rooms, but are you considering space planning, clinical requirements, the latest technology, alignment and communication with affiliated network?

Equipment pros know all the specs of their available products, helping you find the right match for your needs. They'll ensure a high-volume clinic has the durable deluxe model, while a small-volume practice can get by with a more economical model. Specialists can match your equipment needs by size, price, and capabilities.

3) Healthcare equipment specialists arrange installation.

Most medical equipment needs some sort of assembly after delivery, but even pre-assembled equipment needs to be setup, by unboxing, removing packing material and, sometimes, mounting to the floor or walls. You can take one of your medical staff away from their assigned duties, or allow the equipment specialist to handle it.

Your equipment provider can arrange for a professional setup, assembly, and trash disposal upon equipment delivery. You'll know your expensive items are in experienced hands while allowing your clinic staff to work at full efficiency.

4) Healthcare equipment specialists offer customer support.

Just because you've used a product before, doesn't mean you'll know all the bells and whistles of this newer model. Not to mention maintenance and troubleshooting, a time-consuming process that takes you away from patient care.

Healthcare equipment professionals provide accessible customer support to answer questions and explain warranties as well as provide service and repair information. The transaction doesn't just end when the sale is complete.

Bonus - They reduce hassles and stress.

As an added bonus, all of this means that your hassles and stress levels are significantly reduced. By trusting the pros to have your equipment up and running, you'll have a greater likelihood of your setup being completed on-time and within budget.

Consult a talented healthcare equipment specialist at Concordance Healthcare Solutions. These experienced professionals can help you match the right equipment for your budget and clinic needs with a minimal amount of stress, letting you focus on what's important -- your patients.

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