3 Great Management Tools for Your Primary Care Practice

A recent Medscape survey reveals that both male and female self-employed physicians are happier and more satisfied than those employed by hospitals. The major basis for the difference in attitude may be related to the differences in the business models employed by each.

Reasons for the greater level of happiness and satisfaction of the self-employed physician include the fact that they have greater control over their affairs and greater choices in the work they do. The downside is they are responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of their practices.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions has a number of specific Supply Chain Solutions that can help ease the stress of those responsibilities. Here are three that deserve a close look.

The Concordance Capital Program
Probably the biggest challenge facing doctors setting up a private practice is raising cash to buy furnishings and equipment. To address this challenge Concordance has developed the Concordance Capital program.

Through it, the new private practice physician has access to an extensive range of healthcare equipment - including exam room equipment, diagnostic equipment, millwork, storage cabinets and furniture - needed to start a practice.

Additionally, the Concordance Capital program provides financing options and a dedicated team, who will advise, assist and facilitate throughout the project. Services include storage, installation and project management from a single product through major construction and renovation. Our dedicated team is on hand to help select the right equipment for your practice, finance it and set it up in your new facility.

Management of day-to-day ordering of medical supplies is crucial. You need to ensure you have sufficient materials and equipment, while not tying up your cash in excess stock. uCommand® is an ideal tool for managing your supply chain. This web-based solution allows you to:

  • Manage expenses
  • Track your inventory
  • Use supplier bar codes
  • Order supplies from multiple vendors
  • Order on-the-go using a mobile interface
  • Easily change parameters as needs change

uCommand® incorporates many other features that simplify the task of inventory management and a flexible management interface that saves time and money.

C Rewards™ Loyalty Program
The Concordance Healthcare Solutions C Rewards™ loyalty program provides another way to enhance your financial stability. The program rewards your loyalty by providing year-end rebates on certain categories of medical equipment and supplies.

Products covered in the program include wound care products, skin products, incontinence supplies for the elderly, diabetic products and much more. By enrolling in this program, you score on two fronts. Firstly, you benefit from Concordance's buying power to access lower purchase prices and second, you score additional rebates.

Choosing Concordance
These great management tools open up ways to economically:

  • Increase your profits with a loyalty rebate program
  • Help control your medical supply inventory and costs
  • Finance the equipment you need to offer the best possible patient care

Look at our other Supply Chain Solutions that can help ease the stress of owning your own practice and contact us today to find how we can help you achieve your own desired level of happiness and sense of satisfaction in your own private practice.

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