The Importance of Independence

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is the combination of three strong, independent distributors – Kreisers, MMS, and Seneca Medical – who built their histories and continue to focus their future on the importance of preserving their independent spirit. 

With the ability to provide medical supplies, equipment, supply chain solutions and services to roughly 70 percent of the healthcare providers in the country, we believe that customer service, sales, and warehousing should be provided on a local level, remaining independent and not centralized.

Customer Service Excellence
“That’s what gets to the heart of good customer service – local people knowing their accounts, having insights into what their problems have been, and awareness of their challenges of the future. When you centralize this, you lose that customer connection,” says Roger Benz, Co-President, and CEO of Concordance.

Benz, along with Co-President and CEO Tom Harris, lead the charge to maintain the independent culture and business philosophy throughout the ever-growing company.

Following the tradition of being flexible, we continue to bend and mold to the unique needs of each individual customer. “It is our focus to be responsive and customizable, and adapt to this ever-changing healthcare marketplace,” says Harris. “We will also continue to expand our geographical coverage. Our ultimate goal is to become a national distributor.”

Eyes to the Future
Concordance has a highly experienced sales presence in every healthcare class of trade, including acute care, primary care, long-term care, IDNs, government, home care, hospice, healthcare education, EMS, and lab, along with a team of experts dedicated to medical equipment and furnishings. As we expand our geography we will grow our field and support teams in order to present this full-service offering and a best-in-class sales force to the entire nation.

“It is all about furthering the development of a customer-focused, agile, near-national, independent distributor, the likes of which the healthcare industry has not enjoyed for decades,” Benz declares.

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business philosophy, we will not become a centralized, rules-driven, or policy-driven organization. Resisting the consolidation of SKUs during the merger process is just one example of how we focus on what is best for the customer. It all goes back to customer focus. We won’t tell the customer, ‘You can’t buy that one anymore.’ That’s when it becomes policy-driven, not customer-driven,” explains Benz. “We will consolidate SKUs if and when that ability exists, but only to the extent it still meets and exceeds customer expectations. We won’t start telling the customer what they can buy.”

For the same reason, we will continue to support the branded products that our customers prefer. “To a large extent, the name-brand manufacturers no longer have aligned distribution,” says Benz. “Today’s national distributors are either heavily into self-manufactured, self-branded products, or are quickly moving in that direction,” he continues. “Because brand manufacturers are losing these national distribution outlets and are forced to contend with their distributors becoming competitors, these manufacturers are looking for a partner in the marketplace. Fortunately, we offer a great opportunity to maintain an independent distributor relationship aligned more than ever before with brand manufacturers."

“Given the company’s new size and scale, national-branded manufacturers have an opportunity to work with Concordance to protect and grow their market share,” adds Harris.

Our go-to-market approach is to build relationships with brand manufacturers to create the best fit for the manufacturer and us while providing the products and services that customers truly need.

“Over the last few years, we have really begun to see the independent distributor’s brand,” continues Benz. “We’re not here to bring a high marketing profile or questionable value-added services that one dreams up for the customer base. Concordance is here to bring fill rates, order and invoice accuracy, customer service that’s localized to the customer, and a common-sense approach with phenomenal outcomes.”

“Everything comes back to providing service beyond expectations, that is what we do,” Harris concludes.

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