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How to Compete with Amazon in Home Care

Similar to companies across a variety of industries, your home health organization may find itself competing with the online services of Amazon. This company has an ever-widening business model, which ...

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Palliative Care vs Comprehensive Chronic Care Management

Hear from Mark Lewandoski, EVP & Founder of PDCrX, as he shares the shift ...

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4 Innovative Solutions for Hospice Care Inventory Control

The nature of hospice care lends itself to its own unique supply chain challenges. In this e-book, you will learn about modern hospice inventory control solutions to streamline your efficiencies ...

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Using Lean and Six Sigma to Reduce Waste in Your Community Health Center

The adoption of lean manufacturing processes, improved quality and an ability to respond quickly to changes in demand. As Community Health Centers seek to find ways of reducing costs, these concepts offer the promise ...

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