How Hospice Care Improves with Patient Home Delivery

Patient care focuses on improving and enhancing the quality of life. For hospice patients, each moment matters and quality of life can be greatly affected by the equipment, supplies and medications that are available to them. Running to the office to pick up supplies can waste this time. A strong supply chain lets the clinician bring that time and focus back to the patient, allowing the patient to maximize every moment with their loved ones.

Patient home delivery is an example of how a supply chain can be used to increase efficiency in hospice care by affecting four important areas:

Maximize productivity to allow more time with patients.

Driving around town to find medical products can take time. Large city residents can get stuck in traffic, and rural patients may live an hour from a high-level medical provider. And that time is only worthwhile if the products are in stock. You can save wasted time and effort by having quality medical products delivered to the patient door.

Deliver same quality products they receive during hospital care.

Just because the hospice patient is no longer receiving curative care, as they would in an acute care setting, doesn't mean the care they receive or the products they use should be inferior. To make hospice patients comfortable, they may need to use the same medical products that they would in a hospital. Sourcing products through a medical distributor with long term hospice care experience lets health providers select the right medical supplies needed to meet patient needs at this important time.

Ensure consistency of product delivery.

By delivering the same product on a schedule to the patient's doorstep provides consistency and peace of mind removing one more thing the patient and caregiver have to worry about.

Save time and money.

Patient home delivery saves time and money--two things hospice families may be short on. Eliminate wasted time in searching for items, as well as extra costs associated with a lack of organization and last-minute emergencies. Delivery experts can help make this part of the process less stressful for both families and medical providers, offering one less thing to worry about.

To understand more about our home delivery program for medical supplies, contact us here at Concordance Healthcare Solutions.

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