Innovations in Hospice through Education: SONO Symposium

Several years ago SONO, a coalition of best in class hospice service providers was established by four visionaries who wanted to help professionals in this difficult industry meet the challenges they face every day. Helping the hospice industry – not just to survive, but to thrive – is the goal of this year’s Innovation in Hospice SONO Symposium. It is being held February 7-10, 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona and will address innovative approaches to hospice care. SONO is a coalition of hospice service providers who have partnered to integrate and streamline day-to-day operations for the hospice industry.

This year’s SONO Symposium will focus on creative ways to grow your hospice through new referral sources, being innovative in your approach with doctors and how to approach families during this difficult time. This interactive conference is unlike any other you’ve experienced in the past. It’s an opportunity to learn from other hospice executives across the country, understand what makes them successful and the innovative approaches they utilize. The relationships built at the SONO Symposium will provide additional resources during your growth and the challenges you face throughout the year. At the SONO hospice symposium, speakers will inspire you to work energetically and creatively in 2017 while preserving the core values that makes hospice unique in the healthcare industry. Topics and forums for the 2017 event include:

Wednesday, February 8

  • The Guiding Light: Simple Rules and Core Values
  • Palliative Care
  • Employees and Doctors as Advocates
  • Getting the Green Light
  • Community Involvement

Thursday, February 9

  • Hard Talk with Doctors and Family
  • Pharmacy Partners and Formularies You Believe In
  • Trends in Hospice
  • EMR Panel – An open discussion with some of the top EMR’s in the Hospice industry.
  • Compliance
  • Survey Says?? How will you use your survey results for your benefit?

Friday, February 10 (half-day)

  • Creativity/ Innovation
  • What’s Next
  • Think Tank – An interactive open discussion

Hospice Innovation and the Possibilities
Caring for others is impossible if you don’t take care of yourself. As a hospice vendor, you need to invest the time to enhance your knowledge base, increase your network connections and refresh your cache of ideas for improving and streamlining the quality of hospice care. As a founding partner of SONO, Concordance Healthcare Solutions is pleased to be able to offer your hospice patients cost-effective, high-quality healthcare product options and solutions. We understand that saving money and remaining diligent regarding regulatory compliance impacts your relationships with medical professionals and family members on a day-to-day basis.

Helping you stay in the know

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