Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing higher than normal demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical related products. Many of these items are currently on manufacturer allocation. As a result, product availability is extremely volatile and inventory is being closely monitored and restricted to best meet the needs of our customers. Please contact your Concordance Account Manager for specific inventory questions. Due to the high demand for PPE and other COVID-19 related products, all PPE and COVID-19 related items sold will be considered outside of normal business and not eligible for return. All PPE and COVID-19 related items are final sale and non-returnable.

We apologize for the inconvenience but live chat is temporarily suspended so we can realign some personnel to focus on the needs of our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are a current customer, please call your local customer service specialist. Please have your account number ready when you call.


Concordance Healthcare Solutions Blog

Concordance Voices: Traditions Through the Time Zones

Posted: 12/18/19 10:52 AM    Author: Taylor Arbogast, Marketing Assistant

Holiday traditions are practiced every year with our families, friends and even our colleagues. While these traditions appear differently to others, they’re usually more similar than not. Most involve coming together ...

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Top Concordance Blog Articles of 2019

Posted: 12/11/19 10:54 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Some of our most popular blog articles from this year focused on information about common pain points, trending topics as well as information about Concordance. Collectively, healthcare providers need insights into ...

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2020 Medicare Hospice Reimbursement Update

Posted: 12/4/19 10:56 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

As the end of the year quickly draws near, we once again review the changes affecting hospice care medical costs and reimbursements for the upcoming ...

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Thankful Thoughts from Concordance CEO, Lisa Hohman

Posted: 11/27/19 10:49 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

This time of year, it’s tradition to think about what we’re most thankful for, but what does it mean to be thankful? Is it simply feeling pleased or content? Is it about expressing gratitude and readily sharing ...

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Concordance Voices: Grand Prairie, Grand Plan

Posted: 11/20/19 10:47 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Concordance works hand-in-hand with stand-alone hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery and supply networks to provide the processes and technology that fit their unique acute care needs. We help them deliver ...

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Growing Stronger: Concordance Opens New Chicago Location

Posted: 11/13/19 10:57 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Through the hard work and commitment of the Concordance team and our partnership with Rush University Medical Center (Rush), we are pleased to announce the opening of our newest ...

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Special Edition: Concordance Salutes Our Veterans

Posted: 11/11/19 10:52 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

As a nation, and as a company, we honor our nation’s veterans today and every day. Concordance is proud to provide our U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) customers with the products they need and solutions ...

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Invest in Your Patients: End of Year Equipment Purchasing

Posted: 11/6/19 10:51 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Healthcare providers are tasked with caring for patients and ensuring they are comfortable while receiving that care. Visiting a medical facility can be a stressful experience for a number of reasons, from anxiety ...

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Concordance Traditions of Tricks and Treats

Posted: 10/30/19 10:48 AM    Author: Christy Coppus - Marketing Director

As autumn has settled in across the country, it’s created an especially beautiful scene throughout the Midwest. The air begins to chill and green leaves start their transformation to brilliant shades of orange, red ...

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Concordance Voices: Breast Cancer Stories

Posted: 10/23/19 10:46 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Excluding certain types of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease ...

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