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2019 Update in CPR Training Requirements

Posted: 12/12/18 10:57 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR, is a psychomotor skill and lifesaving emergency procedure which combines chest compressions and, sometimes, artificial ventilation of airways by means of ...

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Health and the Holidays

Posted: 12/5/18 11:04 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Healthcare never stops, even around the holidays. Fall off a ladder and break your leg hanging Christmas lights? An acute care physician is available to help. Burn yourself lighting the ...

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Distribution and Its Role in Fighting the Flu

Posted: 11/28/18 11:03 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

The 2018-2019 flu season has arrived. Each and every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other healthcare providers remind the ...

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A Thankful Goodbye

Posted: 11/21/18 11:06 AM    Author: Christy Coppus - Marketing Director

It’s the time of year that people pause in their hectic lives to reflect upon what they are most grateful for, what has changed their lives in the past 12 months and what they hold closest to their hearts. This year, ...

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We Are One, Now What? Streamlining Continuum of Care Integration

Posted: 11/14/18 11:07 AM    Author: Michelle Clouse - RN

As a nurse with experience working in different healthcare settings, the primary goal was always the same – take care of the healthcare consumer. Yet the way in which the goal was achieved was often different, ...

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Concordance Voices: Serving Our Veterans

Posted: 11/7/18 11:02 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Concordance is dedicated to serving our nation's Veteran community. We work to simplify our customers' supply chain while delivering the medical supplies that fit individual formularies. We do this by providing ...

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Dress Up as Your Healthiest Self This Halloween

Posted: 10/31/18 11:11 AM    Author: Caitlin Jasper - Marketing Manager

The fall season is upon us; the time where the leaves on the trees start changing, the air begins growing cooler and pumpkins are magically appearing on our neighbors’ front porches. Children are planning what they ...

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Concordance Voices: From Patients to Products

Posted: 10/24/18 11:09 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is dedicated to serving individuals in need. Time is of the essence in the EMS industry. First responders, emergency medical ...

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Selecting a Healthcare Equipment Partner

Posted: 10/17/18 11:14 AM    Author: Kaylin Waltrip - Marketing Manager

Navigating your equipment needs can be quite a challenge. Selecting a healthcare equipment partner can alleviate stress and streamline efficiencies, but where do you ...

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QAPI: 5 Performance Improvement Project Tips

Posted: 10/10/18 10:57 AM    Author: Michelle Clouse - RN, QCP

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