Why Saying Concordance is Thankful is an ‘Understatement, At Best’

As Concordance Healthcare Solutions approaches our second anniversary of the merger of three strong, independent distributors – Kreisers, MMS, and Seneca Medical, we are reflecting on our employees, customers and suppliers that have made this transition meaningful and bountiful.

For employees, a merger can understandably be stressful and worrisome as new policies, procedures and roles are put into effect. Because of this, we greatly appreciate our employees as they are the backbone of Concordance. 

“Concordance is thankful for all of our employees because they are the producers of the service we offer; without each and every one of them, there would be no Concordance. They create what we are” says Tom Harris, Co-President and CEO of Concordance.

However, Harris, along with Co-President and CEO Roger Benz, extend their thanks well beyond merely what the employees produce. “It’s also about their willingness to contribute beyond a job description, to maintain a work ethic superior to all others, to maintain an attitude that is ‘a cut above,’ to create a culture of caring and compassion, to treat others fairly and with dignity and to sacrifice their personal needs for those of others” Benz states. “They are the heart and soul of the organization. For that, Concordance is deeply thankful.”

As a healthcare distributor, Concordance has the great ability to assist in the advancement and sustainment of healthcare. We would not have this opportunity without our customers who use our products and solutions to practice and provide healthcare to the best of their ability.

“Our customers collectively repair and maintain the health of our nation. They heal the physical wounds of our society and improve the quality of our lives. They save lives. What greater service exists than this?  Saying we are thankful for them seems like an understatement, at best” Benz declares.

Just as we help our customers do their job, our suppliers make it possible for us to do ours. “Concordance is fundamentally a distributor of medical supplies. The quality and integrity of this service exists because of our employees, but the products delivered originate from our suppliers” Harris says. “Their quality manufacturing processes and their commitment to research and improvement directly influences the quality of patient care that our customers provide. Without them, the care and treatment of our society could not occur.”

While we are extremely thankful for all three of these groups, the greatest thanks are due to the combination of all three.  “They collectively improve the lives of each and every member of our nation. How could anyone not be thankful for that?” Benz concludes.

Wishing you and your family a great holiday season from our Concordance family to yours!

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