A Reflection On Our Journey For The Last 5 Years

With an initial announcement made in late 2015, Concordance Healthcare Solutions was officially formed on April 1, 2016 as a result of three of the largest, regional healthcare distributors in the marketplace merging into one. As Kreisers, MMS and Seneca Medical came together in a historic combination, it was clearly pointed out by then-leaders Tom Harris and Roger Benz, that this was “not an acquisition - it is a merger of three equally dedicated independent distributors who possess similar business approaches, coming together to share and improve as a combined entity.”

Five years later, their statements ring of the very truth and integrity that Concordance is founded upon. “We all came together to truly create one Concordance from three companies,” shares current CEO, Lisa Hohman. “Integrating systems, benefits, email, banking agreements, processes, procedures and so many other items were all really important parts of the heavy lifting our employees have had to do over the last five years. Our efficiencies have increased tremendously over the course of this integration and we continue to work endlessly to be ever-improving.”

Independently, each of the legacy companies were incredibly successful, providing top-notch service to their customers across the country and the care continuum. Now, together as Concordance, the company has been able to evaluate processes and merge best practices to become more efficient, streamlined and supportive.

“The formation of Concordance created many positive outcomes, the most impactful being access to increased resources and personnel knowledge,” explains Barb Bruns, VP of Customer Relations. She goes on to admit that “the initial transition was somewhat difficult as we experienced a great deal of change very rapidly; however, we quickly realized that these changes brought about amazing growth for our department and the company.”

When you combine multiple organizations, with separate cultures, spread across different geographies and focused on distinct markets segments, there is a lot to learn from one another and a - sometimes vast - difference in thought processes. Keith Price, Chief Information & Operating Officer for Concordance recalls “breaking down legacy silos was vital to allow collaboration across different regions. It wasn’t always easy, but it was needed for the greater good of the organization. Those silos are gone now and in their place is comradery, teamwork and friendship.”

While the company focuses internally on developing processes and methods that are most effective for the organization itself, Concordance’s main focus is, and always will be, to provide the best, most efficient, local customer service, sales and warehousing while supporting the branded products that their customers prefer.

At the time of the merger in 2016, leadership stated, “it really is our plan to continue to be responsive and customizable and adapt to this ever-changing healthcare marketplace.” This couldn’t have been better proven over the last year; with the pandemic seizing hold of the industry for the past 14 months, Concordance employees never wavered - continuing to go above and beyond for their customers, developing new relationships and avenues for supply and remaining determined to have a positive impact during a time of uncertainty.

“My predecessors said it then [in 2016] ‘Our number one strength is our employees’ and five years later that is still emphatically true.” Hohman goes on to explain, “Without a one Concordance culture, we would not have been able to accomplish what we were able to in 2020. Pulling together as one organization allowed us to focus on the challenges of the day. Every single person utilized their own unique skill sets and experiences to provide input and to create solutions for our customers.”

Each department throughout Concordance is a collection of experience and knowledge from different histories, market-focus and perspectives, brought together through the merger. “We have all learned from each other through sharing of knowledge, proficiencies and ideas,” shares Juan Flores, Human Resource Manager for Concordance. “As we continue to grow as an organization we will continue to evolve. It is important to always remain excited for the next challenge and to look forward to our future together.”

Successfully serving the entire continuum of care from coast to coast, Concordance is truly the customer-focused, agile and transparent independent distributor that they set out to become.

“I view this as a journey – our culture, our success, our relationships. Where we are is not the destination. Our journey has just begun and I am beyond blessed to be a part of it,” closes Hohman.

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