Why Use Concordance to Outfit Your Primary Care Clinic

Outfitting a new primary care clinic is more than just ordering furniture and equipment. It requires systematic planning to ensure that all departments function smoothly and efficiently with all the equipment and supplies they need.

Points to consider include:

  • Workflow: Equipment laid out to maximize workflow efficiency and avoiding the need for excessive walking from point to point
  • Comfort: Selection of workstations, chairs, and furnishings that promote patient and staff comfort
  • Ergonomics: Specification of equipment for minimizing physical effort
  • Durability: Purchase of durable equipment that looks good, is functional and lasts

Medical Equipment Planning
The first step is to plan the equipment layout of your primary care clinic. Ideally, this is done at an early stage and it’s best to start before the building layout is finalized. This way, it's possible to consider special equipment needs and to plan, in detail, the workflow in each department, taking into account any unique requirements.

By paying careful attention to how each department functions, it's possible to maximize staff utilization through the provision of ergonomically laid out work areas, localized patient waiting areas and equipment storage facilities.

Medical Equipment Suppliers
When selecting medical equipment suppliers, there are several crucial factors to consider:

  • Suitability: Ensure that the equipment, as selected, will perform the required function taking into consideration access, patient position, power supply and physical size
  • Service: Establish how equipment will be serviced and the location of the nearest authorized service provider
  • Purchase price: Although acquisition cost is a major factor, take into account other factors such as delivery time, ease of use, and service cost
  • Transport costs: Don't forget to factor in logistical costs
  • Spares: Ensure that spare parts are available for the expected life of the equipment

Equipment Delivery and Installation
Proper coordination of equipment delivery and installation is essential. Ideally, this task should be coordinated by one team. Key considerations include:

  • Delivery date: Proactively managed to ensure equipment delivery is on time
  • Offsite storage: To avoid congestion, damage and theft
  • Point-of-use delivery: Delivery of equipment to where it will be used
  • Healthcare Equipment set-up: Preassembling of equipment prior to installation
  • Shipping material: Removal and disposal of all packaging material

Customer Service
Concordance Healthcare Solutions is one of the largest healthcare equipment distributors in the country. We represent a wide range of manufacturers and our experienced team of equipment specialists promises to use their extensive product knowledge to source the best equipment for your clinic at an affordable price.

Using our large number of regional centers across the country, we are well placed to coordinate procurement, delivery, and installation of equipment to your location. We ensure equipment delivery is on time to where it's needed, arrange its assembly, remove all waste and guarantee special equipment is set up according to your schedule.

Our reputation is founded on our commitment to great customer service based on professional personal relationships. Contact us now to discover how our team can help outfit your primary care clinic.

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