Keeping Up With Trends and Changes in Healthcare Equipment

As a Hospital/Health System Purchasing Director, Director of Materials Management or a Buyer, you are responsible for purchasing hundreds of medical products for many departments within your facility and preparing for renovations, expansions and new office openings. How do you stay informed about the latest available versions and innovations of all the products you buy? How can you feel confident that you’re selecting suitable, safe, quality products for every department?

The solution is a medical supply procurement partner with deep industry experience in providing products for a variety of healthcare settings. The right procurement partner will have a team of experts with extensive, up-to-date knowledge about the products they sell. They can work with you to source the ideal products to meet your needs, provide clear communications and make sure you have the equipment you need when you need it.

Have trust in your supply chain partner

One of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing a distribution partner is finding one whose team will take the time to understand your organization’s unique needs. An important benefit of a supply chain partner is their help in aligning your internal procurement objectives.

For example, facilities planning departments or project managers may want to purchase certain medical equipment, unaware of standardizations or special pricing agreements that the materials management department must adhere to. The materials management department, in turn, may be unfamiliar with the latest technology and user requirements of the equipment the healthcare worker is requesting. An experienced procurement expert can coordinate procurement across departments, making sure that the equipment and products purchased are the best fit for all the stakeholders in your organization.

Rely on the expertise of your supply chain partner

An industry-leading supply chain services company will follow and understand the latest industry trends through their dedicated team of experienced procurement experts. New health tech, from AI (artificial intelligence)-enhanced devices to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is changing and improving the quality of patient care at a rapid pace. Medical supply chain experts stay informed about the latest products and innovations and can help their customers discern which products best fit their needs and goals.

As an example, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased attention towards alternative surface disinfection methods, such as automated ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting devices. Although UV disinfecting robots are not new technology, there have been recent innovations, such as ceiling mounted models, and models that can be used safely in occupied rooms. Without expert guidance, the choices for this type of equipment could be overwhelming. Your supply chain partner can prevent you from purchasing equipment with inadequate capacity for your needs or unnecessary, costly features.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is a dedicated supply chain partner

Concordance Healthcare Solutions has experts on our team with in-depth knowledge about all the medical equipment, furniture and medical supplies we sell. When it’s time to make equipment or furniture purchases for a new or existing project, Concordance can be a trusted resource to help you choose the right products. We can help guide you through the entire procurement process, from choosing the best quality, most cost-effective products for your needs to ensuring timely delivery that meets your project’s timeline.

To learn more about how Concordance collaborates with customers to deliver customized supply chain solutions and to stay up to date with industry information, subscribe to our blog.

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