Contribute 2019: Building Supplier Partnerships





In early April, Concordance Healthcare Solutions will hold our 4th Annual Meeting, which has been aptly rebranded “Contribute”.

The event will, once again, take place in St. Louis, Missouri at the historic Union Station Hotel. Striving to be the most efficient, productive and engaging distributor event in the industry, we will focus on how each and every attendee contributes to the success of Concordance, efficiencies within the supply chain and the positive impact our customers have on the health of the population.

Why Contribute?
Our annual event has evolved overtime, becoming a place where we highlight and build upon the values that are embodied in the Concordance culture - respect, integrity, excellence, innovation and commitment. Our key supplier partners help us uphold those values and strengthen our core service philosophy. By inviting these suppliers to collaborate with us during the Contribute2019 event, Concordance is able to offer a unique forum that is conducive to increasing ongoing education for our teams, providing service excellence to our mutual customers and expanding the positive impact our partnerships have on patient care across the country.

Contributing to Partnerships
Working intimately with these key suppliers throughout the Contribute event helps to solidify our partnerships, making certain we are upholding the dedicated, trustworthy, transparent foundations that our relationships have been built upon. These characteristics make it possible for Concordance and our suppliers to bring the best products and innovations to the healthcare industry, while supporting each other’s goals and the goals of our customers.

“This meeting is all about building deeper relationships with our industry partners and our team members. It’s filled with learning, enjoyable networking events and builds excitement for the future. It provides a forward momentum and a sense of direction to help us accomplish our objectives for the year.” – Dave Myers, President and Chief Operations Officer.

Over 3,500 one-on-one meetings will take place between our key suppliers and Concordance sales personnel at Contribute2019. In addition to these, we have constructed education sessions that will focus on niche markets like EMS and Government VA sales. Each meeting with our suppliers will have one common goal - to bring more value and innovation to our mutual customers and to the end user.

Contributing to Team
At the upcoming Contribute event, Concordance will also facilitate multiple employee training sessions, open discussion forums and departmental breakouts that are built to improve the cohesiveness and effectiveness of our internal support and operational teams.

We truly recognize the value to our suppliers and our employees, creating this event to bring together two of our most important assets so that we can continue to be the unique, successful and unstoppable company that we have always been.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our employees, team members and suppliers. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to check out live event updates during Contribute and follow the hashtag #Contribute2019 for more. 

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